How to Get Great Skin for Cheap

By Kennedi Rose / March 19, 2012
skin products for cheap

Many people want great looking skin ? and there are lots of cheap, effective ways to get it, without spending too much money. Here are 8 ways to get great skin on the cheap.

#1: Eat healthy foods. The adage ?you are what you eat? is very true. Skip fatty and greasy foods, which don?t get digested easily and leads to skin problems.

#2: Exercise daily. This not only helps you lose weight and be healthy but also boosts your metabolism. This helps you in keep your body free of toxins. Physical activity also reduces stress and creates a sense of well being, which is great for your skin.

#3: Be very gentle when it comes to cleaning your skin. If you tug or pull at your skin too harshly, you might end up harming yourself rather than helping.

#4: Use moisturizer year-round, especially in winter. Your skin tends to get chapped and flake in the cold weather. An inexpensive moisturizer like Nivea or Neutrogena will lock in your natural skin moisture.

#5: Avoid smoking. This not only damages your health but also takes away the moisture from your skin.

#6: Protect your skin from the sun whenever you go outside. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

#7: Drink lots of water. The moisture in your skin comes from the water you consume. Make it a point to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

#8: Avoid extra stress. Stay happy no matter what, and make it a point to laugh as much as you can. The way you look also depends on how emotionally stable you are. Keeping anger and frustration at a minimum will ensure you have good, healthy and wrinkle-free skin for years to come.

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