How to Get Great Looking Skin for Less

By Kennedi Rose / April 18, 2012
great looking skin for less

Lots of people want to get great looking skin but have tight wallets.

Don?t worry. Protecting your skin is not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few ways you can achieve great skin for less.

#1: Work out! Exercising not only secretes out the sweat and the dirt from your body, it also makes your metabolism more efficient, which is indirectly good for your skin.

#2: Learn to be gentle when it comes to skin care. The skin is a delicate organ and has to be handled with care. Don?t tug or pull at your skin, especially around your eyes. Gentleness is the key to good looking healthy skin.

#3: Exfoliate your skin when you shower. This will make sure that all the dead skin cells from the skin surface are removed, making space for the new ones cells. Many dermatologists stress that you should properly cleanse your skin.

#4: Moisturize your skin during harsh weather. In winter, skin tends to get dry and flaky. Prevent chapped skin by applying moisturizers daily.
how to get great skin for less
#5: Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water moisturizes your skin from the inside-out.

#6: Try not to go out in the sun much. Too much sun exposure leads to premature aging and wrinkles. If you have to go outside, apply a broad-spectrum SPF product, which will save your skin form harmful UVA and UVB rays.

#7: Avoid soaps and other skin products that are laden with harsh chemicals. Use natural products instead.

#8:Use natural herbs and plants, like aloe, to treat your skin. These natural products are safe to use and have no side effects.

#9: Avoid greasy foods. Eating too much oily food leads to skin problems such as acne.

#10: Load up on fruits, veggies and whole grains. Remember: skipping meals (and depriving your body of nutrients) deteriorates your skin and leaves it lifeless.

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