Getting Outside and Getting Active

It doesn’t matter how many resolutions you make about getting outside and getting active, sometimes we all need a push to make this life-changing adjustment.

Whether you?ve never really been into exercise, or if you?ve just gotten out of the habit of being active, here are a couple of easy steps that will help you on your personal journey to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Remove Temptation

If you?re struggling to get outside and get active, one of the biggest obstacles is that you will simply find other things that you would rather do. With a house filled with distractions, often taking the form of games consoles and DVDs, removing temptation is the critical first step in overcoming your laziness.

Consider selling your unwanted games, CDs, and DVDs. Removing potential distractions in your home will certainly help to motivate you to get out and about in the early stages, even if it?s just due to boredom at first.

The extra money that you have from selling your unwanted goods can also come in handy for things like gym membership.?

Get a Personal Trainer

Joining a gym is one thing, but actually regularly attending the gym is quite another. If the financial implications of signing up for a monthly gym membership are not enough of a motivator to maintain your commitment, consider hiring a personal trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to stay motivated, especially if you?re new to exercise and aren?t quite sure what you should be doing. Personal trainers are specialists in keeping clients motivated and once you?ve breached the 30 day mark, you?ll find that you may not need him or her anymore, as exercise becomes a habitual and integral part of your life.

Join a Training Group

Joining a training group is an excellent way to get in shape, while also making some new friends along the way.

One of the most cited excuses for not sticking with a training program is boredom, but while training groups are not designed to be an easy option, they are very committed to keeping things interesting, with an emphasis on getting fit through play rather than the repetition of boring exercises.

Outfits such as British Military Fitness operate all over the country and have programs to suit a wide range of fitness levels. While the sessions are designed to be tough, they are also a lot of fun.?

Play Team Sports

Joining a sports team is possibly the most effective means of making a commitment to getting outside and getting active. Paying subscriptions, training with the team and playing weekly games help greatly to ensure that you remain dedicated, long after the initial enthusiasm wears off.

Finding a great, local club, for almost any sport, is extremely easy; and once you have made some new friends, letting your teammates down is the last thing that you?ll feel like doing.?

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