Getting Fit on a Budget

By Kennedi Rose / January 16, 2012
get fit on a budget

Being healthy and getting into better shape can be found at the top of many people’s lists of resolutions for a new year. Individuals want to make improvements and their bodies are a great place to start. However, not everyone can go out and pick up an expensive gym membership.

A person may not even be able to buy special equipment to help them with the endeavor. It’s possible to stick with a budget and still reach the goal of being fit.

Make Simple Lifestyle Changes

Getting fit isn’t always a strain on the budget. It can be helpful in cutting back on a family’s spending. Restaurants that offer healthy meal alternatives are rare. Save money on eating out by creating meals at home that are good for the body and the wallet.

Looking to walk more and ride less? Save money on the cost of gas and maintenance on a vehicle by walking or biking to work. This seems like a small lifestyle change, but it can have an impact on both the body and the budget.

Is it possible to give up a television show or two? Toss out an activity that keeps everyone on the couch. Consider lowering the cost of cable by subscribing to fewer channels. Use the time that was spent watching a favorite sitcom to do something active.

Look Around for Free/Low Cost Resources

Adding activity to everyday life doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. People don’t realize that they are surrounded by all types of resources that will cost little but deliver big results. It just takes a little creative thinking and planning.

Take a walk around the neighborhood. Is there a park or walking trail close by? Instead of making a commute to the gym, take a walk. Put on headphones to drown out any distractions or make it a special family time. This is an easy way to skip over those balance transfer credit cards.

Check the garage for any type of workout equipment that may be left over from a past resolution. Items like barbells and weights never go out of style when it comes to reshaping the body. Dust them off and incorporate them into your routine a few times a week.

A gym does offer some type of motivation. Patrons are paying the monthly fee and it encourages them to make the time to work out. This accountability keeps people motivated and can promote fitness. There is no reason to pay for motivation when it can be found in all sorts of different ways.

Check with friends and family members that want to make the same commitment to fitness. Work together to keep up the diet and exercise that is going to make a difference. Search for online communities that support participants working towards a fitness goal. Save the cash and look around for the free or low cost opportunities to support this year’s resolution.

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