Frugal Fashion Friday: Chic and Cozy Coats

By Kennedi Rose / January 9, 2015

I don?t know about you, but in my part of the country winter doesn?t really roll in until after January 1st. Up to this point, we?ve been able to get away with a jacket layered over a warm long-sleeve shirt or sweater for the most part. But now winter is in full swing and I?ve been so tempted by all these chic and cozy new coats.

I always try to get at least 2 winters out of my coats before they get too ragged looking to wear to work or for dressy occasions. Once that happens I try to be frugal by using my old coat for casual wear and I buy a new ?nice? coat (or two). 😉

Unfortunately for me, this is my off year so I won?t be buying a new coat until next year. Even so, I couldn?t resist showing you some of the coats I?m LOVING this year.

The best part about all the coats I?m showing you today is they are all under $60. Now that?s a frugal find, especially if you make them last more than one winter! (Of course with these being at such great prices they aren?t the absolute heaviest coats out there. You?ll probably still want to wear some layers with them.)

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Option 1:?I love that this option isn?t just a flat black. It?s still a neutral, but the pattern gives it some dimmension and visual interest.

Option 2:?I LOVE this berry-like color. It?s a great color for winter. This coat also comes in teal and a couple of neutrals.

Option 3:?This coat is a little edgier than the previous two. It could still be used in a business casual work environment, but it could also be easily worn for more casual occasions too.

Option 4:?This navy coat is a neutral, but again it has some subtle pattern to it. I like it, but I know the length wouldn?t work for my body type. Beware of a coat this length if you are short or very curvy.

Option 5:?This is easily the brightest colored coat on the list. I like the puffer like material without all the bulk of a puffer coat.

Option 6:?I think it?s easy to see that I?m loving patterned coats this winter. I think they take the basic winter coat up a notch and really make your style look unique.

Which coat do you like the most?

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