Friday the 13th ! Top-Grossing Horror Movies …

By Kennedi Rose / April 13, 2012

In honor of Friday the 13th (today!), I’d like to show you some of the top-grossing (no pun intended!) horror movies of all time.

“Er – that’s great,” you might be thinking, “but what does that have to do with beauty on a budget?”

Three things:

#1: Horror movies are great examples of Hollywood’s professional makeup artists doing their best work. I’m not saying you should look like the Bride of Frankenstein; I’m just saying that every woman who loves makeup can probably appreciate the talent of a great Hollywood artist.

These are classic movies you can rent from RedBox for a dollar or stream on Netflix. So you can avoid expensive movie theater tickets and save your money for a day at the spa!

#3: Cuddle with your man at the scary points of the movie. Because (hopefully) no one appreciates your beauty more than he does.

Okay, without further ado: the top-grossing horror movies, in honor of today being Friday the 13th.

a Halloween ode to classic horror films

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