Fresh Face Alert!! – Five tips to look fresh

By Kennedi Rose / August 23, 2016

Looking fresh or feeling fresh isn’t an easy task. Sometimes we have to work hard to get a perfect fresh look. We see advertisements on TV how to look fresh and all. Looking fresh from the outside is not enough. The inner freshness will bring you a bright and fresh look naturally. Your freshness will bring positivity inside of you as well as around you so the people around you will be happy.

One: Get enough sleep.


Our body requires a deep sleep of few hours a day. So let your body rest and charge itself with energy. Inner freshness will bring brightness to your face and make you look energetic. So take rest and have a good sleep but not too much that it makes you lazy or sluggish. Do not keep working for hours and hours when your body doesn’t permit you. Take some rest every once in a while.

Two: Take a bath every day (EVERY day!)

bath everyday

Bath is a very important to give a complete wake up call to your mind. All the stress washed away and freshness for a start. Bathing will provide you with some time to relax and think peacefully while you are alone making your body clean and stress-free. Make yourself fresh and energized with a shower or bath.

Three: Get dressed properly in clean and comfortable clothes.


It is said, ?First impression is the last impression.? So dress well, and look fresh and energized with lovely and comfortable clothes. It is very important the way you are dressed. The clean and comfortable dress will make you feel at ease and look fresh and energetic. Being comfortable is what you need in order to be fresh and at ease. Tight, uncomfortable clothes will make you feel confident and fresh.

Four: Keep yourself surrounded by positivity.


If you are around a lot of negativity, it will spoil your mental peace leaving you in the miserable mental set which could be stressful. So keep yourself around positive people and be fresh. The environment your work in matters a lot as it has definitely impact on you changing your moods and mental state. So make sure to surround yourself with positivity.

Five: Keep washing your face multiple times a day.

washing face

When you are sweaty and stressful, refreshing flavours of face wash work just fine to bring freshness to your face in an instant. It will reduce oil from your skin giving you a fresh look. Small products to carry with you anywhere you go and make you look fresh in few seconds!

Exercising in the gym is always the best way to reduce stress. You can always go for yoga and aerobics, cycling etc which will increase flexibility and bring you freshness. Most important part is to bring freshness from inside which comes with good health and food making you relax and giving mental peace. It will invigorate you inside out!

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