Free or Lost-Cost Exercise Options (That Don’t Require an Expensive Gym Membership!)

By Kennedi Rose / May 13, 2013
budget exercise

Want some frugal exercise options for people on a budget? Here are some tips to keep your waistline as slim as your wallet …

1. Go for a run. This may sound obvious, but it truly is a fantastic way to get a great cardio workout for free. The best part is you can do it virtually anywhere. Of course, it may take some time to work up to running five miles, so start out slow and work your way there.

2. Dance Dance Revolution. New interactive video game consoles like the wii and xbox kinect allow you to work out while playing a game. Dance Dance revolution is reasonably priced and is an excellent work out choice for those who love to play video games.

3. Get a fitness ball. These handy exercise tools can be especially helpful for those that work from home. Instead of sitting in a chair at your desk use the fitness ball and incorporate various exercises to help you lose weight.

4. Do pushups. This exercise is one almost everyone knows how to do, and you certainly don?t require a gym membership to do them. All you need is a flat surface and some upper arm strength and viola, you have a cheap way to exercise.

5. Go for a swim. Whether you live near the ocean, lake or a friend has a backyard pool, don?t hesitate to go for a daily or weekly swim. It gives your joints a break from any hard physical exercise you may be doing and allows you to strengthen your muscles.

6. DIY weights. Use heavy items around your house or create your own weights like milk jugs filled with water, to gain muscle strength. Get creative you can lift cinderblocks if they are available. Just remember to lift with your legs.

7. Play tennis. Most cities have a local tennis court that you can play at for free. Grab a buddy and the both of you can get exercise. Just keep the pace lively and you will have fun and burn some calories for free!

8.? Look up workout videos on YouTube. YouTube is virtually full of any information you could possibly want, and personal trainers often use the site to advertise their own workout plans. Check it out and follow the steps closely.

9. Buy a jump rope. Yes this may remind you of your dreadful grade school years, but jumping rope is an excellent way to get the heart pumping. The best part is it only sets you back a few bucks a Wal-Mart to get the tools you need. Just be careful and jump in a spacious area so you don?t hurt anyone or break anything.

10. Go Climbing. Whether you do it indoor or outdoor, climbing is a great workout for upper arm and core strength. You only have to purchase a few bare necessities that get you up and running. It also provides an awesome adrenaline rush!


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