Four Vital Questions to Ask Yourself Every day

By Kennedi Rose / October 16, 2019

Taking time at the end of the day to reflect upon how it went is a practice that many successful people recommend. It is important to ask yourself questions so that you can improve yourself daily. Here are four vital questions to ask yourself every day.

What Are Three Things I Am Grateful for Today?

Did you make it to that meeting just in time, even though you thought you were going to be late? Or did your spouse come back home safe after a weeklong business trip? It could even be that the medical report from your healthcare provider came back clear or that you got to play with a particularly friendly dog in the park that evening.?

Writing down three of the positive things that happened during your day, for which you are grateful, helps you go back and relive those moments. This reinforces the feeling of gratitude, which reduces negative emotions and helps us recover better after a stressful day.

What Is One Thing That I Could Have Done Better Today?

During the course of the day, there are a lot of little mistakes as well as large errors that we make. However, if we do not learn from those mistakes, we risk the chance of repeating those mistakes again the future. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is a good idea to look back on the day you have had and look at the decisions you made.

As you look them over, examine the ones which led to undesired effects. Choose the one that had the biggest consequence, or made you feel the worst, and ask yourself what lesson you can learn from that mistake and how to make sure you never make the same mistake again.

What Is One Thing I Must Get Done Tomorrow?

There are many things that we find ourselves having to do every day, but there is usually one thing that is more important than anything else to us. What task do you have to complete that will make the biggest change in your current life? What task do you keep rolling over on your to-do-list?

If you can identify these, then you have an answer. Write it down and plan for how to attend to it first thing the next day. This will help you feel more in control as well as helping put your mind at ease.

How Will I Connect with Three People I Love, Tomorrow?

While there are lots of things that human beings strive to achieve each day, we value the connections we are able to make and maintain with other people above all else. Think about three people whom you care for and wish to maintain a strong connection to.

It could be a partner, parent, child, friend or sibling. What can you do to make your connection stronger? Will you take your child for ice-cream, or give your spouse massage? You decide.

Asking yourself the right questions every day is the surest way to self-improvement and success. Ask yourself the four questions above to chisel out a new and improved version of you.

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