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Food that you should Avoid at Night – Face & Fitness

Food that you should Avoid at Night

By Kennedi Rose / August 20, 2018

Don?t we all live to eat? Yes! Food is one thing which is known to unite us all. While we all love food, I am sure of the fact that you must be aware how important physical fitness is. there are several yoga sessions and exercise clubs each day that emphasize on the value being fit. However, you should make note of the fact that what you eat is also important. You need to have a proper diet that you follow. Only then will you be able to use your body to the fullest. While nutritionists can be quite expensive, you now just need to read ahead to know about food items that you should avoid at night.

  1. Ice cream: The very first item on this list is ice cream. Well, you must have heard that it has a lot of soothing properties that can cool down your sense and relax you. in fact, it is also a food item that helps you to de-stress. But, what you must not have heard is that it has a limit to its soothing properties. First of all, it has a lot of fat. This is what gets accumulated in your body and makes you fatter. Other than this, ice cream has a lot of sugar.
  2. Celery: Now, you must be surprised to see that why is celery on the list because isn?t it supposed to be really healthy and great for the body? Well, the fact it that while it must be great for a breakfast option, the same cannot be said for eating if before dinner. This is because celery is a natural diuretic. For those who do not know what this means, it implies that you are likely to pee more than usual. This will definitely disrupt your sleep and your body will not the needed rest.
  3. Pasta: Past is a dish that is loved by almost everyone. but, I am sure that you must be aware how terrible it is for the body. A lot of people make it at night because they are tired after a long day and pasta can be made quick. However, it is terrible for your body, to say the least. This is so because it has a lot of carbohydrates. If you just go off to bed after eating it, it is sure to turn into fat and get stored in your body. Also, the things added to pasta such as cheese and the heavy sauces should be avoided at nighttime.
  4. Candy bars: Last but definitely not the least, we have candy bars on this list. The main reason behind this is the sugar content in it. There is sugar put into the candy bar in abundance. Also, it has been noticed that they are addictive and the sweet taste draws people more so they cannot stop at just 1 bar. It is like a vicious cycle that you are trapped into.
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