Five Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

By Kennedi Rose / February 11, 2015

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is about $30,000? When many couples think of such an expensive price tag, they immediately start considering which friends and family members they should cross off the guest list. However, there are some ways you can save money on your wedding so you can still invite all of your friends and family out to celebrate. Check out these five tips to save money on your wedding.

Plan the Date for an Off-Peak Time

Every bride wants a picture perfect wedding, and that may include getting married on or around several popular and ?romantic? holidays, like Valentine?s Day or New Year?s Eve. If this is the case, you can be sure you?re not the only couple interested in these dates. Venues will charge as much as possible for events on these dates and during the traditional ?wedding season? of May-September since lots of brides-to-be will pay top dollar to have their preferred day.

As mentioned, the summer is a popular season since most wedding parties enjoy taking photos and hosting outdoor receptions. To get your venue for less, choose an off-peak time such as during the cooler months of January through March. You?ll save so much money as you will have bargaining power since there aren?t many couples trying to reserve during this time.

Credit is the Best Option

It may be odd to hear, but you should consider using your credit cards while paying for your wedding. Then if you have the cash on hand, you can pay the card off instantly. The thought process behind using your credit cards is to help you rack up?reward points for travel and cash back incentives. Sometimes these can come in handy for your honeymoon travels.

Choose a Venue That Has What You Need

When selecting your venue, compare those that have great features and services available within their package. For instance, a venue that hosts outdoor gatherings may be perfect if it?s beautiful weather and atmosphere as well. An outdoor garden?venue is ideal as there are already fresh flowers around. The most you may need to do is add your own place settings and linen. This can help you cut down on costs. But keep in mind not all outdoor venues make weddings cheaper as some don?t include all the fixings, which will require you to rent more items for your wedding and reception.

Check Out Student Services

Remember, all the greats have had to start somewhere, including chefs, photographers, and designers. If you are located in a fairly large city, check out a few of the colleges and universities in the area to see if you can make arrangements for free or discounted services, like:

  • A cooking program could offer their cake making/designing services
  • A music department could have their students play selections during your reception
  • A digital/traditional photography department could send a student photographer and videographer or do your engagement photos

Just talk to the head of each department and see who their top students are. Sometimes these projects are done as a part of their internship or graduation requirements. If nothing else, you can hire them and pay them at a significant discount when compared to an experience professional. Most serious students have all the professional equipment you?d need for a fabulous wedding.

Sometimes brides-to-be hesitate to use an unproven student for their wedding photos since they mean so much. Instead you could do a search in your local area to find out who has the most reasonable prices, like local Rancho Cucamonga Wedding Photographers.?There is no need to get a fancy photography from a big city when your local guy will be much less expensive and can cover all your bases.

Host a Sale When It?s All Over

After your wedding and reception, you?re going to have plenty of photos to enjoy your memories of your wedding day. So there really is no need to keep everything packed in storage. Your best bet to pay off any remaining credit card bills or put extra money back in your pocket is to sell anything left over. Everything from your wedding dress, bridesmaid?s dresses, table linens, custom paper flower arrangements, and anything else in good condition, can be sold. Here are a few places to consider putting an ad up on:

  • Facebook groups

These are also great places to start off looking for items for your wedding as well. You will run across many unique pieces inspiring themes for your wedding.

The above five tips are sure fire ways to save plenty before you hit the altar. You?ll still be able to have the fabulous attire and money ready for your honeymoon.

What other ways can you think of to help save on wedding costs?

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