Five Steps to Keeping your Cool

keeping your cool

As we head towards the beginning of fall and winter, we may not be able to do anything about the downward change in temperature. But we can take measures to strengthen our systems against ill health and temper.

1. Keep active ? Don?t let the cooler weather stop you from going out into the fresh air. Being outdoors, even on cloudy days, will help your body absorb some of the sun?s uplifting energy.

A brisk walk of at least 10 minutes every day is one of the best ways of getting your daily exercise with the added bonus of improving low mood due the production of endorphins.

For some people however, low mood can?t be shaken off so easily. Hypericum (St John?s Wort) is well known for its mood-lifting properties. Taken as a tincture, not only can it boost the mood but it can also alleviate seemingly disparate symptoms that often accompany low mood, such as fatigue, nervous anxiety and tension, headache and insomnia.

2. Avoid stimulants such as nicotine, alcohol and caffeine that drain the nervous system. These can play havoc with your immune system but also have a dramatic effect on your mood.

Try to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of still water every day to flush out the urinary tract and to introduce nettle tea into your daily routine.

Nettles have a beneficial blood-cleansing action and make you feel energized and refreshed. Try out some of the latest sparkling soft drinks or range of designer fruit smoothies on offer. If you have overdone the partying, take a vitamin?to help process the alcohol.

3. Don?t eat for comfort ? along with the cooler weather comes the tendency to turn to junk food, the resulting increase in weight only adding to our unhappiness. It is possible, however, to select warm comforting foods that don?t consist entirely of fat and sugar.

Start your day with a warming bowl of oat porridge. Not only do oats help lower blood cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar, they also have a gentle calming effect, helping you to face the day ahead. Enjoy bowls of nourishing soups using a high quality vegetable concentrate, stews, rice dishes with nuts, warming vegetable bakes and stewed fruit.

4. Adequate sleep is essential for our health and frame of mind. We feel much better after a good night?s sleep. Get least 8 hours sleep per night to enable your body to repair and restore, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to cope with the challenges the next day has to offer.

5. Have fun ? Check out your local activity center and take up a new class. Physical activity reduces tension and releases anger and frustration. Make new friends, have a laugh. As the saying goes, ?Laughter is the best form of medicine?.

So you see, the change in temperature needn?t dampen our spirits. Just try some of these tips and you?ll soon be feeling as right as rain!

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