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Eyeshadow: All About the Application – Face & Fitness

Eyeshadow: All About the Application

By Kennedi Rose / August 17, 2011
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There are a heap of fashion and makeup blogs that debate endlessly about the “best” eyeshadow colors, and while it’s fun to play with color — changing it up according to the season, your clothes, and your mood — there really is no “best.”

The secret to great eyeshadow is all in its application. ANY color — even Rainbow-Brite hues — look great if you apply them right.

This photo is a great illustration of how to put color on your lids:

Use a lighter, brighter shade — in the model’s case, pinks and purples — by your inner eye.

Use a darker shade — in this photo, blues — by the outer edge.

Use a medium shade in the crease, and if you want to be daring, smudge a dark-but-altogether-different color under your eye.

Notice the entire display around her eyes is curved like an almond, with defined boundaries.

Of course, if you want the overall effect to be more subtle, use complimentary colors and smudge the borders a bit, like this green-eyed beauty did here.
Notice that she also added a layer of bright color just below her eyebrow, which sets off the darkness of her eyeshadow. Otherwise, her eyeshadow application is very similar to the rainbow-colored eye in the first photo; the main difference is her choice of color and more blending.

What a stunning eye! It makes me jealous for her gorgeous shade of green — I’m green with envy! (Haha, horrible pun! I’m silly, I know. But you love me anyway, right?).

Photo courtesy dreamglowpumpkincat201.

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