Extra Aid for Single Parents

The content below is specific to Australia but provides readers of other countries examples of what type of single parent assistance programs that may be available to them. Most developed countries have non-profit and government resource to help single parents financially.

6885125917_67ac4aca9a_zIf you are a single parent and you are already receiving aid from the Department of Human Services, you may be eligible to receive even more aid or receive discounts on many every day bills. Take a look below for several ways you could be receiving loans and benefits help as a single parent.

The Clean Energy Advance

If you already receive government support for being a single parent, you are eligible to receive the Clean Energy Advance.? The amount paid by the Clean Energy Advance depends on a specific person?s situation including family status, income and assets, and the amount and type of aid they are already receiving.

Dad and Partner Pay

Mothers receive aid to have children and take time after birth or adoption to care for and bond with the new members of their family?men can too. If you are a father or partner and you cared for a newborn or recently adopted child, you may be eligible to receive up to two weeks of pay from the government. Fathers or partners must meet an income and work test, not be working while getting the payment, and make the claim for funds within a year of the child?s adoption or birth. The amount received will be based on the national minimum wage at the time you were not working.

Note that this fund is considered a taxable income and may affect other aid you receive, including Family Tax Benefits Part A and B.

Education Entry

In order to help those in need launch a course of study and work towards a degree or other beneficial academic accomplishment, the government may provide Education Entry assistance. To be eligible for this aid, applicants must meet the following criteria: they are receiving government aid from an approved source and have been receiving it continuously for twelve months, they have started or are enrolled to start an approved course, and they haven?t received Education Entry payment in the prior twelve months. For those who are eligible, each individual will receive a taxable amount of $208 annually.

Energy Supplement

Families in need who already receive government assistance and reside in Australia permanently, such as those aided by the single parent payment, are eligible for the Energy Supplement. The amount each individual receives as their supplement depends on family status, income, and the current aid payments they?re already receiving. The Energy supplement can be paid quarterly or monthly per convenience and is not taxable, considered income, or indexed.

JET Child Care Fee Assistance

Putting your child through daycare is the most expensive part of raising a family. For families who receive approved government aid, they may be eligible to receive the JET Child Care Fee Assistance. Individuals may also be eligible if they?ve completed an Employment Pathway Plan, enrolled the child in an approved daycare program, or are already receiving the maximum Child Care Benefit.

There are many ways out there to ensure you and your family are growing strong and developing as a unit that is working toward a better life and a better future.

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