Expensive Hair Myths — Don’t Waste Your Money!

By Kennedi Rose / December 7, 2011

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on the most expensive hair care products. Here are two things you shouldn’t bother spending too much on — and two things you should splurge on:

Save on This ….

#1: Expensive Salon Shampoos

You know those high-end hair care brands that are only sold in salons? The industry wants you to believe that these are objectively better than the ones on the shelf at Target.

But here’s the truth: the makers of the shampoos you see at Target, Walmart and other mass retailers are big businesses with access to major capital. They spend big bucks paying top-level researchers to develop a winning shampoo formula, and then they package and sell it at a high volume.

They don’t have an inferior product; they just have a different business model.

#2: Expensive Boar-Bristle Brushes

The hair care industry wants you to think that these brushes are the only ones you should use, but a wide-tooth comb — the cheap plastic kind — will do just as good of a job. In fact, if your hair is wavy or curly, a wide-tooth comb is your best choice.

Splurge on This …

#1: Conditioner

It protects and moisturizes your hair, sealing oils into your cuticles. Avoid those 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner formulas, and buy a great conditioner that you can use liberally. Follow up with leave-in conditioner for good measure, especially if you have long or curly hair.

#2: Good Dyes

If a hair dye is weak or if you have to apply it for too long, you can permanently damage your hair. If you’re going to do an at-home dye job, make sure you’re using a great formula. If you have dark hair, this is especially important.

And when you’re done dying your hair, don’t forget the inexpensive way to protect your dye job — wear a hat, and keep your hair out of the sun!

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