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Exercises to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain – Face & Fitness

Exercises to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain

By Kennedi Rose / January 28, 2019

The neck and shoulder pain are something which a lot of people are dealing with in today?s date.  It ends up causing up a lot of discomfort especially when it comes to working a 9 to 5 job while sitting continuously in front of computers. But don?t worry we are here to the rescue. By doing these simple exercises on a day to day basis you can easily fight back the neck and shoulder and live a comfortable life.

Below are a few exercises performing which you can easily heal your neck and shoulder pain!

Head Tilt

Start by sitting comfortably in a kneeling position. Let you head stack right over your shoulders while your arms are resting on the sides. Now exhale while lowering your left ear by your left shoulder. Then hold there and inhale. And return to the top position while exhaling. Do the same on your left side hold your inhale breath and move while you exhale. Then while exhaling turn your head towards your right shoulder.  Now repeat this exercise by switching on the alternate position. Do this exercise for two minutes.

Open Book

First lay down on your side and bend your knees in front of your hips and takes your hands over your ears. Make sure that your elbows are pointing forward.  Now inhale gently while reaching the top elbow and look up at the elbow point. Then slowly exhale while opening the top elbow from the back side till it touches the floor. Now relax your shoulders gently inhale and exhale and come back to the start position. Do this exercise with 5 reps both the sides.

Neck Roll

This is one of the easiest exercise and also a great healer for your neck and shoulder pains.  Start this exercise by sitting on your kneeling position and your head stacked straight above the shoulders and let your arms rest by the sides. Now exhale while gently lowering your left ear towards your left shoulder and then move your chin towards your chest. Then as you are circling inhale slowly while lowering your right ear towards your right shoulder. Then finish by bring by back your head in the previously stacked position.  And then reverse the circle again in the same way. While doing this do three circles each side.

Thoracic Extension

Start by sitting on the floor and then gently rest your back on a foam roller. Then use your hands to support your head while keeping your elbows wide and feet kept on the floor. Now inhale gently. Then while exhaling slowly extend your spine back on the roller and do this till you can stretch on your upper back, chest and abdominal.  And hold for a second and inhale. Then gently exhale as you return back to the start position using your abdominals.

Thus these exercises will greatly improve your neck and shoulder mobility and also their stability. These are quite effective in minimizing the pain and eventually it will vanish if you do it on a routine basis.

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