Every Girl Loves a Little Bling

I haven?t shared a lot about my personal style with you all yet, but you should just know that I LOVE some serious bling! I?m also one that doesn?t like to have the same exact style as everyone else. I tend to favor unique, but still on-trend, items when it comes to fashion and jewelry. Even though I?m nowhere near to getting engaged, I still have a ?secret? Pinterest board full of engagement rings and wedding plans. (Please tell me I?m not the only one who does this.)

Anyhow, as I browsing some beautiful and unique engagement rings the other day, I came across this little (actually big) beauty:


Now, I?m pretty sure this is out of the price range of what I?d ever spend, unless I suddenly become rich and famous that is, but that doesn?t mean some of the rings featured at this premier dealer are out of reach. Here are a few things you could try to do to get your hands on?one of these gorgeous and unique rings:

Find a Sugar Daddy

Of course, you should always marry for love not money, but finding a true gentleman who also happens to be well-off isn?t too out of the question is it? I kid, mostly.

Save, Save, Save

This one is a little more realistic than finding a sugar daddy. If you prefer the finer things in life, you should make every effort possible to save up for them ahead of time. Paying for them with money you actually have is always the preferred method. Plus delayed gratification is always a good thing to practice.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Along with saving up for a large purchase, you should also pay attention to prices as they may change over time. Sometimes stores may also have special sales or financing opportunities that make large purchases like this possible. Even a small percentage off on a purchase of this magnitude could save you a big chunk of money. If you do decide to use store financing for a purchase, be sure you are aware of the interest rates and how much additional money it will cost you over time with interest included.

At the end of the day, I know that no matter what ring I get my from (imagined) future fianc? will be great. But it’d be even better if was the one up there. 🙂

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