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Essential Oils: Essential or a Scam? – Face & Fitness

Essential Oils: Essential or a Scam?

I know I’ve been all over the place lately, from no longer working out at Crossfit, to trying out blending and all kinds of other crazy things, but hopefully I’ll be able to slow down and actually get on track with some of my new healthy habits.

One health trend that I’ve been kind of curious (read: mostly skeptical) about is essential oils. My hair dresser and several people I know around town have been using essential oils for a few weeks now and they are just singing their praises. Essential oils have helped them avoid going to the doctor’s office. Essential oils have helped them achieve weight loss. Essential oils have given them more energy and they spend less time sleeping. And on and on and on.

Personally, I’m very skeptical about essential oils having all of these magical powers health benefits. But I finally decided to give them a try on a limited basis.

When I was getting my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, my hairdresser was talking all about essential oils and what they’ve done for her. Her story is honest pretty unbelievable/miraculous. She told me they have a “test” they can do to see which oils will benefit you and help you get all of your targets “in range” (whatever that means). The test took about 2 minutes and was completely harmless, which is good. At the end of it, eucalyptus came back as the oil that would help alleviate most of my “problems” and help my targets to be “in range”. So I decided to try eucalyptus oil for 30 days to see what happens and then I’ll be re-tested.

In order to try it out, I bought oil ($14) and a diffuser ($30). I was also conned into convinced to buy a “membership” in order to get my oils at wholesale instead of retail ($35). (That part was probably a dumb purchase as I don’t know that I’ll keep using oils forever and make up that “investment”, but I guess we’ll see. It did save me $6 already.)

For the past week, I’ve been diffusing eucalyptus oil in water every night for at least 8 hours. On the days when I stayed home sick (I got strep throat, laryngitis, and a sinus infection), I’ve been next to the diffuser even longer.

While I’m not convinced that essential oils are as magical powerful as everyone claims (I feel no different yet), we’ll see what my test results show when I go to get my next hair cut in a few weeks.

I’ll also have some additional “proof” as my mom decided to buy a couple of different oils to try to help her alleviate her regularly occurring migraine headaches. If she sees miraculous results by using essential oils to beat the pain of her headaches, I’ll probably try that out too but I just didn’t want to “invest” any more money into trying out oils than I already had because of my skeptical nature.

So, I don’t really know if essential oils are truly essential or if they are a scam, but I’ll definitely report back to you after I find out more.

Have you ever tried essential oils?

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