Essential Herbs Vital For Liver Health And Longevity

To date, there is no cure for liver cancer. Specific herbs may not be able to cure someone who has liver cancer, but they may help those individuals suffering from either cancer or liver disease. ?

Helping to flush the body of toxins, and to increase the immune response, specific herbs may be the key to helping bodily functions work more efficiently when the liver is unable to filter properly. Astragalus may be the key to helping liver patients cope with the consequences of liver disease and the effects of it to their overall health.

Astragalus is a herb that is showing great promise to aid those who are dealing with both, liver diseases and those who are taking chemotherapy for liver cancer. When used in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs, patients are showing an increase in production of healthy blood cell counts.

That not only makes it unlikely that chemo will have to be halted due to low immunity or other side effects of chemotherapy, but it can also help to decrease the negative side effects of radiation and surgery for metastasized liver diseases and cancers. Taking the astragalus herb may also aid in the increase of energy and help to fight against the fatigue that plague many chemotherapy patients.

Many patients who have poor liver function also have problems with fluid retention. Liver diseases often coincide with poor heart function that can lead to congestive heart failure and endemic conditions. Astragalus has been shown to decrease edema in the body and help with overall heart and cardiac processes.

The Astragalus root has long been linked to positive heart benefits. Also known as Milk Vetch or Huang Qi, it is the product of a legume or bean type plant. There are a vast number of different astragalus species. They all work by stimulating the immune response in the individual.

They also have an antioxidant effect that helps to halt the progression of free radical damage. Free radicals are those things that break down the cell and speed up the aging process. Astragalus root works in the body by reducing the production of these free radicals within the cell.

A dietary supplement, Astragalus has been traditionally indicated for help with the immune system response. It is also used to help with respiratory conditions, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. Thought to protect the cardiovascular system and heart from free radical damage, it has also been useful for nervous conditions, low blood sugar and blood pressure conditions.

Those who believe in the benefit of the root insist it has potential benefits for those suffering with conditions of the lungs, spleen, urinary tract system and circulatory system. The evidence is still not conclusive to the safety or effectiveness of taking the Astragalus root in high doses.

One of the limitations to the Astragalus root is that there is no standard for administration. Without specific guidelines about how to administer, there is the potential for overdosing as well as underusing.

New findings from eye glasses Winnipeg, suggest that due to the way that the root works, it may be an excellent way to overcome not only liver disease and the consequence of it but other diseases as well. Working in much the same way as it does in liver cancer patients, anyone who is receiving chemotherapy may benefit from its use.

There are studies that show that too much of a good thing may be harmful to your health. High doses of Astragalus may lead to exactly the opposite of what you expect. Too much Astragalus root supplementation may lead to suppression of the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to disease.

It is possible that if a patient is already taking drugs for a compromised immune system, Astragalus may potentially interact with the drugs ability to work effectively.

Astragalus is also counterintuitive to those who are pregnant, or if an individual has been diagnosed with any autoimmune underlying condition. Patients with immune system diseases such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, or SLE are encouraged not to supplement with the Astragalus root for fear that it may interact with medications they are already receiving.

As with the use of any supplementation, if you have any underlying condition, it is important to ensure that you are not impinging the effectiveness of other medications that you may be taking. Always discuss the benefits and risks to any herb supplementation with a physician, especially if you are under the supervision of a medical professional or undergoing any therapy for a specific medical condition.

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