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Eating Healthy: A Cheap Shopping List – Face & Fitness

Eating Healthy: A Cheap Shopping List

save money by eating in-season veggies

#1: Buy fruits and veggies. Fruits like banana?s, apples, and oranges all are generally very cheap, especially when they are in season. Focus on non exotic fruits and vegetables as they tend to be much more expensive strictly due to import costs.

#2: Use bell peppers. Bell peppers are less expensive than other filler vegetables and can complement any meal. Grill them or eat them fresh either way they are both healthy and delicious

#3: Pick up some protein.Think chicken, canned fish, and eggs for cheap but extremely healthy options for protein. Red meat is known to be expensive and is also filled with fat, avoid it and purchase only white meats and fish.

#4: Avoid expensive cow?s milk. Almond milk and soy milk are both very healthy and also are relatively inexpensive. Soy milk is the cheaper of the two so try this first but if you are allergic to soy then try almond milk instead of cow?s milk.

#5: Put whole grains on your list. Barely is just one of many whole grains you should put on your healthy grocery list. It is extremely cheap to purchase and also very good for you body. Lose weight by cutting out white bread and incorporating this wonder food into your diet.

#6: Buy good oils. While olive oil is expensive, other plant oils like sunflower oil is much cheaper and just as delicious. Look for your stores cheapest and healthiest alternative to vegetable oil and fats and put that on your regular grocery list.

#7: Get seasonings and spices. Seasoning?s and spices like cinnamon, garlic, and pepper are simple staples but are a must for healthy cooking. Marinates for chicken can made from a base of vinegar, salt and pepper which is why those items should always be in your kitchen cabinet.

#8: Buy frozen. Frozen fruits like blueberries, strawberries, mangos, and raspberries are great for making healthy smoothies and they are also very cheap. Buy in bulk and stack your freezer full of good for you fruits.

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