Don?t Lose Faith, Lose Weight

By Kennedi Rose / February 14, 2017
weight loss

weight loss

Why should you drop a few pounds? What does losing weight have to do with your overall personality? How are exercising and dieting associated with staying fit and healthy? Apparently getting down to a healthy body weight has a lot of plus points.

  • More weight means, more pressure on your feet, which already bear the pressure of the entire body. Do you want to pester yourself by foot pain? So, grab your sports shoes and start running!
  • Excessive fat around the waist is an indicator for poor health. We?ve all heard about the whole obesity-causing-heart-problems thing. Even if you are not obese or overweight, being fat puts more strain on your heart, causing increased blood pressure and cholesterol, leading to diabetes in your middle age.
  • Along with all the different kinds of pressure your fat is exerting on your body, there is another kind of pressure that is released once you start working out and eating healthy- the stress pressure. The fastest way to chill out a super stressed mind is not a big chunk of blueberry cake, but a quick stroll in your garden or having some fresh fruits. Infact working out is the best possible way to clear out the stress hormone, not fancy ?comfort foods?.
  • Every young, successful man/woman you come across always has a glowing face and a lean, healthy body. This is because they believe in having a healthy routine for themselves. A healthy body enhances creativity and productivity.
  • Even if you don?t want to focus on six-packs or bikini figures, you still need to have a strong, flexible body structure that allows you undertake any physical sport.
  • Research also proves that working out can help you increase your sperm count (And Vodka doesn?t!).
  • The best part about running and exercising is you get the best sleep. You have sound sleep, like a baby and meanwhile your body repairs damaged tissues, freshens your mind and renews your energy levels. People who suffer from insomnia can stop sitting behind their laptop screens all night, and instead reduce their sleepless nights by going for an early morning walk or run.

The next time you feel exhausted, ditch your fake energy drinks, and instead whip up a shake with a balance of carbohydrates for quick energy and?complex protein?to increase performance and help with recovery. And then sleep early, wake up early, go for a run, or hit the gym, or do yoga maybe.

Set up some realistic weight loss goals, and prepare yourself a proper health plan with right proportions of food and workout.

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