Does Credit Card Loyalty Save You Money?

Does Credit Card Loyalty Save Money

If you’ve found a bank that you are comfortable with, you may not be considering your other options.

Like many people, you believe that staying with the same credit card company is beneficial, but keeping your blinkers on to other money savings opportunities could be costing you.

Instead of sticking with your current credit card provider, use comparison sites like to shop around and compare financial products. With introductory interest rates and special offers, it is worth checking out the competition.

Introductory Rates

You are charged interest every month of your current credit card balance. You may not like to admit it, but those charges could be avoided. Look around for credit card companies that offer introductory rates on balance transfers. With a zero percent interest rate for the first year, you can be confident knowing that the entire payment made to the company is going towards your balance. It is possible to get your finances in order and pay off the card completely.

If you don’t have a credit card with a balance, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shop around too. Credit card companies also offer introductory rates for purchases made over the course of the first year. Are you planning a vacation soon? Were you planning to put the cost of airline tickets and a hotel on the card? With an introductory interest rate, you can take a little more time to pay off your vacation.

Special Offers and Rewards

Because of special programs and rewards, many people use their credit cards like a debit card. They put all of their everyday purchases on the card, including groceries and gas and pay off the balance at the end of the month. Are you earning rewards for using your credit card? If not, it is time to shop around.

From cash back to points that can be redeemed for gift cards, credit card companies are looking for ways to get your business. Each company has different programs to take advantage of. Look at each offer and try to determine which option will be beneficial for your needs.

If you travel often, opt for airline miles. If you enjoy a shopping spree once in a while, earn gift cards while you spend. Some of the best offers include cash back. The money is either added to your statement or a check is issued to you after a specific amount of time.

Don’t just settle for the first rewards program that you come across. Even if the offer is tempting, spend time looking over all of your choices before making a final decision. Get an exact amount of your credit card balances. Check for introductory rates on balance transfers. If you use your credit card often, look for a way to rewards yourself with a low interest rate and special programs that give you the opportunity to earn points, gift cards, or airline miles.

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