Does a Chemical Treatment Ap-peel to You?

By Kennedi Rose / August 11, 2012
Chemical Treatment Peel

Does a chemical treatment ap-peel to you?

It would be interesting to know just how many chemicals we ladies pat on to our skin over the course of a lifetime in the name of looking good. Cleansers, moisturizers, makeup and even shower gels are seemingly packed with different chemical ingredients (or that’s the impression you get if you look on the back of a packet).

I’m always looking for homemade alternatives to beauty treatments to help give my skin a rest and keep the cost of my regime down, but now and then they do seep in to my routine.

A few weeks ago I pondered whether having regular facials was a financial beauty investment, and came to the conclusion that the odd visit to the salon might help keep me looking fresh-faced if added to sensible precautions like staying out of the sun and following a healthy lifestyle. Now I’m upping the ante a bit by considering whether I might one day consider some slightly more dramatic but still ‘surgery-free’ cosmetic options, namely a chemical peel.

For those not in the know, a chemical peel procedure removes the top layer of skin with strong chemicals, leaving the skin and complexion smoother. It can be carried out by dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons and doesn’t require any surgery or downtime (though you won’t want to use any cosmetic products straight after having one done). The treatment is far cheaper than having say a facelift or eye bag removal and it costs a lot less than these nip or tucks too, though of course it can?t really be considered natural.

So, in the spirit of the ‘are facials a good investment?’ post, I’m querying whether for some women a chemical peel is a savvy bit of beauty spending, too. I personally won’t be rushing out to get one at the moment and hopefully my endeavors to look after my skin mean I might never need to, but for some they do seem to serve a function. Where do you stand on chemical peels?

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