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DIY Acne Skin Care Cream – Face & Fitness

DIY Acne Skin Care Cream

By Kennedi Rose / November 16, 2011

Last week I shared a recipe for making an acne skin care cream from scratch, at home, using all natural/organic ingredients, for about $4 dollars.

Today I’d like to share two more recipes that do the same thing. Both recipes are designed for acne-prone or oily skin. Both recipes are DIY, make-it-from-home instructions. They’re cheap, they’re all-natural, and they’re budget-friendly.

Pineapple Acne Skin Cream

Pineapple naturally has acne-fighting enzymes. Did you know that? Yeah, neither did I.

Don’t grill me on what those enzymes are. I’m not a scientist. But apparently this is a common trait shared by tangy fruits.

So here’s a recipe for an all-natural pineapple acne scrub.

#1: Pineapple juice
#2: Sugar or baking soda

That’s it. You only need two things. Is this simple and wallet-friendly, or what?!

Now, mix 3 tablespoons of pineapple juice with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or baking soda. I prefer the sugar, but baking soda is an acceptable substitute.

Stir until you have a paste. And you’re done!

Rub the paste into your face, avoiding your eye area, and wash it off immediately with a warm washcloth. The sugar acts like a scrub or an exfoliant, while the pineapple helps kill pimples.

“But I don’t like the smell of pineapple!” I hear you say. Fine. Here’s another option:

Lime Acne Skin Cream

Now this recipe is super-simple. It might even be easier than the pineapple recipe.

#1: Lime
#2: Milk

That’s it! Once again, this is a two-ingredient recipe.

Squeeze the lime into a bowl. Boil the milk. Mix the two together (boiling milk and fresh-squeezed lime juice). Let it cool, and use it as a face wash. The milk helps soothe and soften the skin; the lime helps clear acne.

This is a particularly good remedy for skin — like mine — that is BOTH acne-prone AND dry. Yeah, what a great combination! But as we approach winter, more and more women are going to find themselves with simultaneously dry, acne-prone skin. Lime milk is a great face wash for this season.

And just think — you’ll still have cash left over for Christmas!

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