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Designer Makeup Tips for a Wedding Guest – Face & Fitness

Designer Makeup Tips for a Wedding Guest

By Kennedi Rose / September 27, 2018
Wedding makeup

A wedding is a very special occasion, not just for the bride and groom, but for all their family, friends and other guests who will be attending the ceremony. If you?ve been invited to attend a wedding, you?ll need to choose a dress, a hairstyle and focus on your makeup before you make your grand appearance. An easy way to save money for the occasion is to do your makeup at home. Once you?ve chosen your dress and hairstyle, you can start thinking about a fool-proof makeup regimen for the big day.

There are different makeup tricks you can use depending on whether the ceremony will be held indoors or outdoors and during the day or evening. Of course, the season and the weather are always a couple of elements that come into play as well. We asked JJ?s House designer, Jessica, to share some of her best makeup tips for wedding guests. Read on so you can pick a look and start preparing.

Choose a Color Palette

Stay away from bold, bright and edgy colors like bright red, blue and black. A smoky eye effect is good as long as you keep it subtle. If your makeup is too elaborate, you may walk into the room and steal the spotlight from the bride, which is not what a wedding guest should be there to do. If you want to add a touch of bold color, choose one feature to apply it to and leave the rest of your face in subtle, nude tones. For example, if your eyes are mostly nude, you can use a bold lip color and vice-versa.

Consider the Environment

Consider the time of day, time of year and location of the wedding. Is it during the day or evening? Summer or winter? Indoors or outdoors? For daytime weddings or weddings held in warm weather, stick with pale shades of pink and peach and keep things light and nude. For evening weddings or weddings held during the cooler months, it?s okay to darken things up a bit by doing a smoky eye or adding a bold pop of color to your face.

Eliminate Glare

Finally, with all the dancing, drinking and excitement, most people will end up getting a bit hot and sweaty at a wedding. This is especially true for ceremonies that take place during warmer months. To keep your face from getting an unwanted glare that spoils your look, follow these tips:

Get your skin perfectly clean by doing a deep cleanse before you apply your makeup. After cleaning, apply moisturizer. Once the moisturizer is absorbed, apply primer to the skin. Primer helps makeup set better and last longer. For dull or loose skin, apply a flash lifting cream before you begin applying makeup. Then, apply an illuminating concealer. This will help correct imperfections, hide dark circles and reduce redness, pimples and other blemishes. Finally, apply a resistant foundation and a compact powder. Choose a foundation with a matte finish and good coverage. Mousse foundation is ideal for wedding makeup.

With these tips from JJ?s House designer, Jessica, you should be able to create a flawless look that will stay on throughout the festivities. Remember to keep it simple so you don?t outshine the bride on her special day.

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