Could His Smartphone Be To Blamed For Your Infertility?

By Kennedi Rose / April 12, 2016

Look around any subway train and what you will see is a population immersed in their smartphone. There are very few people that leave home without it. Rumours about the harmful nature of the radiation our cell phones emit have been floating around medical circles for decades, but it is hard to decipher what is real and what is paranoia.

From brain cancer to dementia, the new suspicion linked to cell phones, and the radiation it gives off, may be your inability to conceive. Could your partner?s habit of keeping his phone in his pocket be the reason for your conception problems? New studies are indicating yes.

Fertility experts are now counselling their male patients that it only takes about an hour a day to literally ?cook? sperm. Studies are revealing that holding your cell phone next to your testicles can significantly lower your sperm cell count. By placing your cell phone within just a foot from your penile area can reduce your sperm production so low that it can be a major disruption to your fertility and conception probability.

A new study released this month done by assisted living Winnipeg officials, found that men who kept their cell phone in their pocket throughout the day had a 47 percent likelihood of decreased fertility as opposed to just 11 percent in the regular population. Significant findings, doctors are now making recommendations about where to house your cell phone, which is far away from the testicular region.

The results of studies show that when they compared men who kept their cell phone in their pocket, what they found was that not only was the quantity of the sperm reduced but so too was the quality. That makes it less likely that it will lead to a fertilized egg or a healthy pregnancy.

Suspect is the electromagnetic activity of the phone, which works by heating up the sperm in the same manner that wearing tight underwear does when keeping the testicles too close to the body. The only difference is that the cell phone is literally microwaving the sperm. The study consisted of over 100 men over the course of a year who were experiencing fertility problems in one clinic.

In addition, they found that many men who had a reduction in sperm cells also talked on the phone when it was on the charger and slept with the phone close to their bedside at night time. Not only keeping it close to the testicles, there was evidence to suggest that keeping it on the nightstand was harmful as well.

The cell phone may be the missing link to discovering why men in Western countries are finding their sperm production increasingly decreased. There are estimates that over 40% of the causes of infertility stem from a low sperm cell count. Could it be that the cell phone may ultimately lead to a drop off in our population?

Many scientists are adding this to the list of why men should deal with, and overcome, their cellular phone addiction. Needing to have it near them or on them every minute of the day, is not only a risk to their procreation, but there has also got to be other health concerns from the radiation that the device gives off. Many doctors are beginning to call men out and ask the question whether being so attached to their phone is really healthy at all.

The theory is that men carry their cell phone in their pocket more regularly than women, and it is giving those having trouble conceiving pause. Women, however, are not immune to cell phone addiction, and although not carrying it in their pocket as frequently as men, there has to be some effect of having it on them throughout the day or when they sleep.

Since we now know that cell phone usage, and carrying it with you all day, may be responsible for a man?s fertility, more research should probably be focused on exactly how it is affecting a woman?s ability to conceive. Unlike men, if a woman?s eggs are damaged, they aren?t replenished. It may be just as critical, if not more so, for women to be conscious about their own cell phone use and where they choose to house it.

It is always best to err on the side of caution. If you are a couple trying to conceive, the best advice would be to carry your cell phone away from your body and leave your cell phone downstairs when you go to bed at night. You should be engaging in other activities instead of answering your text messages if you are trying to have a baby anyway.

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