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On a tight budget and can?t afford all those expensive products that your skin needs? There are alternatives that can save you money whilst still giving you a gorgeous glow at a fraction of the price. Give these tips a try and see how you can save money and still look fabulous.

#1. Baby oil is one of the most multi-purpose beauty products on the market, and most women don?t even know about it. A cheap store brand used to moisturize your body with a few drops in the bath or after your shower is just as good as an expensive moisture-rich lotion. Baby oil can also replace eye makeup remover whilst ensuring that your sensitive eye area does not become dry, or to give your nails a natural looking, healthy glow.

#2. Sugar is an incredible exfoliant that is often found in scrubs. Perfect for smoothing rough skin on feet, knees and elbows a sugar rub will remove dead skin and leave you with silky soft skin that is lightly scented.

3#. Eye shadow doesn?t have to be limited to just being applied on the lids, it can be used as blush or even as a lip tint if you apply a gloss over the top. For a darker, more intense eye color simply smear a little bit of Vaseline over your lids and apply shadow with a smooth applicator. The color will remain darker and last longer and you will have increased your palette at no extra cost.

4#.Waxing your eyebrows doesn?t have to be expensive, a single trip to the salon is necessary to shape them, but thereafter you can tweezer any re-growth you may have as soon as it appears. By maintaining your brows you do not need to spend extra money having them shaped each month as you can do it yourself.

#5.Fake a tan with black tea. Simply boil a few tea bags and let them steep then add them to a bath or spritz onto your skin using a spritzer. This not only saves you money, but also saves your skin if were planning on using sun beds instead of a spray on tan.?

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