Cosmetic Surgery Options: 3 Common Procedures of Today

By Kennedi Rose / December 22, 2017
Cosmetic surgery

As you age, your body undergoes a number of internal and external changes. For many people, some of these aesthetic differences are not desirable and they turn to cosmetic solutions to improve problem areas. If you are new to cosmetic surgery, read below for some information about the most common procedures and whether they could be right for you.


Even after minor work in the face area, many people also address skin laxity in the neck area to obtain a more balanced result. However, today it is increasingly common for people to request surgery on the neck alone, even when they have not undergone a face lift. There are several procedures that maybe suitable to prevent sagging and improve overall appearance in this area. This may include neck liposuction, a neck lift or submentalplasty. Sometimes you may undergo a combination of these procedures to obtain optimal results. If you don?t have excess skin issues but wish to address conformational wrinkles alone, you might pursue a skin redraping procedure. Don?t worry if you?re unsure about which procedure you want, discuss the general issues you want to address with your surgeon and they?ll advise the best options for you.


As Australia?s most common plastic surgery, breast augmentation is very popular. These days the choice of implants can offer outcomes that are far more natural in appearance and also a variety of sizes should be on offer to you as a potential patient. However, implants aren?t the only type of cosmetic procedure that can be performed on the breasts. As a result of aging or having children, some women wish to undergo a breast lift or even a breast reduction to decrease one?s cup size. Another procedure that is becoming popular is augmentation via fat transfer. In this procedure you can reshape or increase the size of the breasts without the use of implants. Instead, you will undergo a type of liposuction that will remove fat cells from another area of the body and use it in the chest area. Autologous fat transfer is appealing to those who are seeking a more natural look and who wish to also reduce their fat in another area of the body.


Beyond the classic face lift and fillers, the rise of rejuvenation treatments for the facial area are also highly sought after. For wrinkles, laser treatments like Co2 will treat fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and scars. An Erbium laser is another popular treatment that is also designed to stimulate collagen production which in turn assists to smooth and tighten the face. Dermabrasion may also be recommended to you and involves sanding away the top layers of your face?s skin in order to provide a smoother appearance. This method of surgical scraping can also address scars from previous surgery or accidents. You can opt to get treatment in certain areas or a procedure on the entire face. Frequently it will also be used in conjunction with additional procedures to obtain an optimal outcome.

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