Popular Color Combo: Coral and Mint

I’ve been thinking a lot about color combinations lately as I’ve been harassing my creative energy into some sewing and quilting projects. Although I like to play around with color and pattern combinations in my wardrobe every day, there’s something about quilting and seeing thousands of bolts of fabric to choose from that really makes me get creative at combining new colors together.

One combination that I recently put together on a quilting project was mint and coral. I have no idea what I never thought of this combo sooner as I love both of these colors already. They look decent together, but when you add a couple of neutrals into the mix they look even better. The colors I put together on my project were gray, navy, mint, and coral, and the project turned out beautifully.

After working with this color combo for so long, I started thinking about how I could re-create this mix using clothes I already owned. I came up with this:



Now that photo isn’t the best, so I’ll help you out. I put a sheer mint button-up under my coral colored linen blazer and topped it with a mint scarf that has just a hint of sparkle. I also paired it with gray slacks since I work in a business-casual office and some metallic boat shoes.

As I was putting this post together, I couldn’t find the exact pieces I have on this outfit anymore. But I did find some alternatives. Here they are for your viewing/purchasing pleasure:



The 2 blazers I featured are both coral, though the bottom one looks a little more on the orange side than the top one. I like the one-button feature of the bottom on though as it feels a little “younger” than the top blazer. Both of these should be decent fabric choices. One thing I hate about my coral blazer is that it’s 100% linen, so it wrinkles VERY easily.

I love both of these mint shirts. The top one could be worn in a dressy outfit (like with the blazer) or with the sleeves buttoned up like that gives it a more casual vibe. It also comes in a zillion colors. The bottom mint shirt is a tank with a fun little detail at the bottom. This could be worn year round by pairing it with a jacket or blazer, but it’d also be great in the summer when it’s scorching hot outside. (It is way out my normal price range, but the budget-friendly version I found was out of stock and I couldn’t resist showing you the cute cut-outs at the bottom of this one. If you’re on any budget that’s less than a movie star budget, don’t tempt yourself by clicking on the link, mmmk?)

The other think I like about this color combo is that it strays away from the darker colors that are often associated with winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dark berry colors of winter, but a girl’s gotta switch it up now and then too. 🙂

What color combo are you in love with right now?

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