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Looking for a timeless, classic hairstyle that won’t make you cringe in embarassment when you look at photos of your hair 20 years from now?

Find inspiration from these 4 celebrities with classic hairstyles.

classic hairstyles

Medium-length hair is the ultimate classic hair length: it’s long enough to be young and playful, but short enough for the boardroom. Wear it straight, and slightly curled at the ends, for the ultimate classic hairstyle.

classic hairstyle

Sleek, straight, shiny medium-to-long hair: how can you go wrong? This is a hairstyle that will never seem outdated.

celebrities with curly hair

Got curly hair? Not to worry — wearing your hair long, with soft flowing curls, is a timeless and chic hairstyle. The length of your hair will help weigh down your curls, preventing them from becoming frizz and adding to your hair’s timeless feel.

celebrity with short hair

Want short hair? The “bob” is a classic hairstyle. Freshen it up — or make it young and fun — with a splash of color or side-swept bangs, like Paris Hilton did.

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Kennedi Rose

Elane - November 22, 2011

I liked Paris Hilton’s hair. She seems young to look at and her aura is really contagious. An eye catching image she always carry. LOVED IT!

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