Cheap Ways to Get Great Skin

By Kennedi Rose / January 9, 2012

cheap ways to get great skinHow can you make your skin look young and healthy — without causing too much pressure on your pocket?

Check out these 15 suggestions:

    • #1: Cleanse before you go to bed. It frees your skin from the dust particles collected on it during the day.


    • #2: Use a face-wash with scrub particles to properly clean and exfoliate the skin. This goes deep into the pores and cleans all the dirt from deep within the layers.


    • #3: Moisturize your skin just before bedtime to ensure you have good morning with naturally glowing skin.


    • #4: Avoid using chemically synthesized products for skin treatment. Opt for natural therapies when it comes to skin maintenance.


    • #5: Avoid going under the knife! Many people choose to opt for plastic surgery, but you can achieve good skin all the other techniques on this list.


    • #6: Eating healthy is a very important factor when it comes to skin care. Junk food and too much oil lead to skin abnormalities like pimples and acne. Eat more fruits and leafy vegetables. Choose lean meats over red meat.


    • #7: Exercise! Physical activities rev your metabolism, which leads to faster cell turnover — and thus good skin!


    • #8: Avoid going out in the sun for prolonged periods. If you must be in the sun, use proper UV protection.


    • #9: Drink plenty of water to make sure your skin stays healthy and glowing. Keeping the body hydrated is good for the skin.


    • #10: Drink green tea, which not only helps purify the skin, but is also very refreshing.


    • #11: Wash your face as much as you can while you travel. This helps in clearing the deposited dirt and dust on your face.


    • #12: Use a body soap with a moisturizer so that it is not too harsh on your skin. This will ensure skin protection during a bath.


    • #13: Use a loofah to properly scrub your skin of the dry cells.


    • #14: Avoid smoking. This harms your skin a LOT.


  • #15: Avoid harmful makeup products, and when you apply makeup, don’t tug on the skin around the eye.
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