Frugal Summer Fashion Finds

Looking for frugal summer fashion finds? Cheap outfits don’t need to LOOK cheap. Here are some of the most frugal fashion finds of the summer season. (Remember: it’s all about the accessories!)

#1: BeDazzled Sunglasses

You can find $16 sunglasses at Target that are bedazzled with little gems. These giant glasses look trendy and girlish all at the same time.

#2: Neon Toenails

For the price of an $8 bottle of nail polish, you can paint your toenails bright orange, yellow or pink. Neon colors are back in!

#3: Polka-Dotted Toenails

Designs on your toenails are in — crackle nailpolish, polka-dotted toenails, and zebra-striped nails are all the latest rage. And since nail polish is cheap, you can afford many bottles!

#4: Fruity Scents

Okay, so you can’t afford Chanel No. 5, but you can spritz a fun, fruity scent to keep you smelling like summertime honeydew and melon.

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