5 Celebrities with Great Skin in their 40’s

By Kennedi Rose / August 2, 2011

Some celebrities have it all: fame, fortune, and great skin in their 40’s. These fourty-something celebs have wrinkle-free, smooth skin, thanks partly to their fancy creams (I hope to use the same creams they use!), as well as their healthy lifestyles. Notice that none of these women have a reputation as a party animal …

5. Jennifer Lopez

Born: 1969
Age: 42
Great genes deserve partial credit to explain why 42-year-old J.Lo doesn’t seem to have a single line or wrinkle on her face, but her lifestyle also deserves thanks. She’s often photographed wearing fashionable, wide-brimmed hats and large sunglasses, and her early career as a dancer required her to exercise daily and drink lots of water.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Born: 1969
Age: 42
In an interview promoting her comedy with Adam Sandler, Just Go With It, Jennifer was asked how she’s maintained a face and figure into her 40’s that rivals her twentysomething co-star Brooklyn Decker. She replied that she does it the classic way: daily yoga, drinking water, lots of sleep and healthy food.

3. Kelly Ripa

Born: 1970
Age: 41
Can you believe she’s had three kids?

Like J.Lo, Kelly started her career as a dancer before transitioning into a soap opera star and talk-show host. The dance lifestyle required eating light, drinking loads of water and exercising like it’s her job. Perhaps that’s partially the reason she looks so good …

2. Halle Berry

Born: 1966
Age: 44

The first runner-up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant, and 6th place in the 1986 Miss World pageant, Halle can thank a combination of great genes and a lifetime of taking care of her body — first as a beauty queen and later in the action-packed role of Catwoman — for amazing skin and poise that have lasted into her 40’s. She has one daughter and she has dated a list of gorgeous men.

1. Nicole Kidman

Born: 1967
Age: 44
The Australian mother of 4 children maintains her smooth, wrinkle-free skin thanks largely to staying out of the sun. Nicole is famous for being a fair-skinned beauty, confident in her natural hue without feeling the need to lay out in the sun. As a natural redhead who was raised under the harsh Australian sun, Nicole spent most of her childhood indoors, a habit that’s continued to this day.

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