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Online Fashion or Upscale Stores?

By Kayla / April 10, 2012

Does online fashion spell the end of upscale, full-service clothing stores? With so many online-only fashion retailers opening up – and many more upscale brands expanding their web presence -? shoppers face the dilemma of whether to shop in person or choose the convenience of the internet. Here are some of the pros and cons […]


Cupcakes Are Still En Vogue

By Kayla / April 9, 2012

Our obsession with cupcakes hasn’t ended …. these tiny, portion-controlled rich desserts are still a trendy, hip (and budget-friendly!) treat. A year ago, I declared that frozen yogurt is the new cupcake … and while fro-yo is definitely “in,” cupcakes are NOT on the way out. Looks like both treats are here to stay. Check […]


What Do Americans Eat?

By Kayla / April 6, 2012

We all know what we should eat. But how many of us actually follow nutritional guidelines? Health and wealth are similar. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that we have great information about how to stay slim and healthy, but we often don’t follow this great advice. The same is true when it comes […]


Are You More Likely to Be Fat If You’re Poor?

By Kayla / March 28, 2012

Research shows that if you?re poor, you are more likely to eat cheap, fat, starchy food that is full of bad stuff (like sugars and simple carbs). You’re also more likely to live in a “food desert” — a neighborhood that’s far away from shops that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. To avoid gaining weight, […]


Quotes on Being Skinny

By Kayla / March 12, 2012

Here are both funny and inspirational weight loss quotes to help you look and feel great. Funny Weight Loss Quotes: ?I?ve been on a diet for two weeks. All I?ve lost is fourteen days.? – Totie Fields ?The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you?re off […]


March 10 Pound Challenge Update

By Kayla / March 2, 2012

You might recall that I signed up for a 10 Pound Challenge, a shared challenge among several bloggers to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks. The bad news: I’m totally failing. The good news: This challenge is making me more aware of what I eat and how much I exercise. Things I’m Doing Right: There’s […]


Cheap and Healthy Recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

By Kayla / February 6, 2012

Springtime is around the corner: It’s almost time to go back to wearing sleeveless shirts and little dresses. Which means that for most of us — including (especially) me — some of the winter weight needs to melt away. In honor of that (unfortunate) fact, here’s a low-fat, low-carb and cheap recipe for zucchini lasagna […]


10-Pound Challenge Update

By Kayla / January 22, 2012

The 10-Pound Challenge officially kicked off on Martin Luther King Day, on Monday. It’s been a week. So far I’ve lost … allegedly 1 pound, but that might be measurement error. Weight can fluctuate by 1 or 2 pounds depending on how much water you drank that day, etc. I don’t FEEL like I lost […]


My New Years Countdown …

By Kayla / December 30, 2011

Here’s my New Years Countdown of the Top 10 Reasons I’m Excited to Celebrate: #10: Seeing Jenny McCarthy co-host Dick Clark’s New Years countdown! She’s a beautiful mom, and her dedication to raising autism awareness is fantastic. #9: Setting New Year’s Goals! I love the feeling of new beginnings that this holiday brings. Maybe 2012 […]


How to Stay Slim, Despite the New Years Party

By Kayla / December 28, 2011

If you’re like me, New Years Eve consists of eating cookies, eating cheese, drinking beer, then drinking champagne … Uggh. No wonder everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. We’re all starting the New Year off on a bad foot. Here are 3 tips for staying slim throughout the countdown to 2012. #3: Eat […]

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