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Here are 3 Non-Veg Items to Help You Lose Weight

By Dimple / September 16, 2019

When planning your diets, try to include things that you like the taste of and are also great for weight loss. Going all out and changing everything you eat is probably a bad idea, and in my experience, one of the main reasons to give up on your diet. When it comes to food that […]


How to Supercharge your Motivation in your Weight Loss Journey

By Kennedi Rose / June 27, 2019

As we all know, losing weight is tough. You can start your journey full of confidence, but after a few weeks this can have completely disintegrated. Of course, these lapses in motivation appear at different stages for different people. Some are very good at shifting those initial few pounds, but then start to lose interest […]


3 Fruits to Help Lose Weight This Summer

By Kennedi Rose / April 8, 2019

Summer time means loading up on yummy fruits. While many people focus on being hydrated and keeping their energy, there are many who worry about their body fat. Ever heard being summer ready? Summer also means lots of trips to beaches, and pool, anywhere with a water body really. Summer means taking trips with families, […]


Why is Weight Losing becoming a Trend of the Year

By Kennedi Rose / December 24, 2018

Losing weight had been becoming a major goal for many with the increasing trend of being bold and beautiful! Gone are the times, when people would see and appreciate the fitness in somebody else?s life! Here in this article the main thing is, why is weight loosing so important that becoming a way of living […]


12 Symptoms to Accept and Admit that You are in Anxiety

By Kennedi Rose / June 18, 2018

Anxiety is one of the common illnesses which people suffer from. Every 2 out of 4 persons are suffering from anxiety. Honestly, most of us may not even realize that we are depressed. Many people often throw out the symptoms of anxiety but, they will certainly not admit to being in that state. If you […]


Five Great Weight Loss Tips

By Kennedi Rose / February 28, 2018

The United States has a growing issue that needs to be tackled before more problems arise from it. That issue is the obesity epidemic, and it?s reaching massive proportions. Studies have shown that over 160 million people in the United States are obese. The problem with obesity is that it causes a ton of health […]


Positive and Negative Effects Of Running on the Beach

By Kennedi Rose / June 29, 2017

There?s a reason we all take photos of our feet in the sand and post them to our social media accounts. The first is to make our friends jealous (come on, you know it?s true) and the second is, man, it feels good. There?s something about sand that just screams ?vacation mode?, even if you […]


Don?t Lose Faith, Lose Weight

By Kennedi Rose / February 14, 2017

Why should you drop a few pounds? What does losing weight have to do with your overall personality? How are exercising and dieting associated with staying fit and healthy? Apparently getting down to a healthy body weight has a lot of plus points. More weight means, more pressure on your feet, which already bear the […]


Flexible Dieting

By Kennedi Rose / February 7, 2017

  What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about dieting? Small chunks of dull, drab food including a lot of salad. And then sticking onto this plain monotonous diet even if it means you will have to starve for more than half of the day. The common trend in […]

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