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5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Fashion

By Disha / April 29, 2013

Summertime clothes are my favorite style — I love sundresses and sandals —  but it’s easy to spend too much money. Here are five ways to save money on clothes that you love to wear during the hottest months of the year. #1 Buy what you need … not what you want. One of the […]


In Support of Mother’s Day …

By Disha / March 26, 2013

Guess what holiday is coming up around the corner? Mother’s Day! In honor of our mothers — the people who make our lives so special — let’s take a moment to applaud the hard work of moms around the world. The typical American stay-at-home mom works 96 hours per week, according to research from […]


Sweet Love Story

By Disha / February 14, 2013

Sometimes, things are SUPPOSED to happen. Here’s a story I recently heard about how two people fell in love: “My husband and I have been together 18 years this month and married for 16 years. “Back when we met they did not have internet dating, so I posted an ad in the newspaper, the Contra […]


Can You Imagine Spending $55,000 on Clothes a Year?

By Disha / July 17, 2012

Sometimes I feel guilty about my spending sprees. “I just dropped $200 on a pair of jeans!” But some celebrities spend more on clothes in a year than the average American earns. In this article, I found out that Kate Middleton spent $55,000 on clothes last year. Apparently, her spending records are required by law […]


Is the Era of the Accessory Dog Over?

By Disha / June 15, 2012

Is the era of the accessory dog over? People used to tote small dogs around in their handbag, a look popularized by Paris Hilton and carried on by every reality TV star on the planet. Lately, however, the dogs-as-accessories trend seems to have faded. Did celebs finally get tired of having accessories that poop in […]


11 Ways to Shop Like A Sane Person!

By Disha / March 5, 2012

Shopping can be addictive. And once you’re hooked, you can spend a huge amount of money — even though deep down you know you shouldn’t. Here are 11 ways to avoid splurging while shopping. #1: Spend on what you exactly need to buy. Its important that you avoid useless items you might regret later. #2: […]


Passion for Fashion

By Disha / January 18, 2012

First of all, WOW — my $50 CASH giveaway is getting tons of attention! There’s still time to enter, so if you haven’t already entered the contest, please do! Okay, I realize I’m a little late in giving you this info — which relates to a line of Fall 2011 fashion. BUT, the outfits that […]


Top New Year’s Resolutions

By Disha / January 2, 2012

Here are the Top 10 most popular New Years Resolutions, according to my cursory Internet search: #10: Get Out of Debt! Pay off those credit cards, pay down those student and car loans, make an extra payment on the mortgage. Isn’t it amazing to see how much debt most people have? #9: Quit Smoking Save […]


What Did You Get For Christmas?

By Disha / December 26, 2011

I don’t mean to sound cliche here, but I want you to ask yourself two questions: What did you get for Christmas? and What did you give for Christmas? It’s great that you received wonderful presents. Most of us — especially those of you who are moms — don’t spend enough time pampering yourself. Enjoy […]


Money-Saving Halloween Costume Tips

By Disha / October 31, 2011

Let’s celebrate Halloween with 4 money-saving costume tips. #1: Head to those Halloween stores on Nov. 1, when everything’s on sale, to stock up on next year’s costumes. #2: But oops, you forgot to do that LAST year, and you need a costume for Halloween night. Buy one “signature” piece that will signal to the […]

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