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5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Fashion

Summertime clothes are my favorite style — I love sundresses and sandals –? but it’s easy to spend too much money. Here are five ways to save money on clothes that you love to wear during the hottest months of the year.

#1 Buy what you need … not what you want.

One of the most difficult things to do while shopping is to only buy what you need instead of what you want. Going to the mall or your favorite store can be exciting and is an emotional experience. It is easy to go into a store see a cute pair of shoes and bam! You?re caught trying to decide between the new swimsuit you needed to get, and the hottest pair of winter boots you?ve ever seen. But if you stay focused and deliberately head to the swimsuit section first, you can avoid this type of dilemma. This will help you save money and help you get what you need for your wardrobe.

#2 Buy out of season.

This is one of the most obvious but rarely used ways to save money on fashion. In season clothing always run high compared to out of season clothing, for understandable reasons. One of the best times to go shopping for out of season clothing is at the beginning of a new season. Most stores mark down clothing up to as much as 80% off the original price, so the best time to shop for summer fashions is immediately following the season.

#3 Shop online.

Shopping online for clothes may feel like you are missing some of the fun, but if you can save money doing so why not go for it? In fact, many retail stores offer better discounts and sales online, often including free shipping, because of competition. Stores like Forever21 offer coupon codes for orders placed online, so this saves you even more money. Signing up to stores email lists also saves you money and keeps you organized as the store notifies you when sales are going on. Summer fashion is relatively easy to find online as it doesn?t require a lot of trying on for the most part.

#4 Go shopping during the week.

Sounds silly right? I mean what?s the difference between a Thursday and a Saturday? Well a lot, actually. Stores often offer discounts on clothing during the week to clear out some of their inventory, and by Thursday they start rotating their weekend sales items to the front of shelves. If you go shopping on a Thursday you will not only get the discounts from the week, but also get first dibs on new sales items just being set out. Another perk to buying during the week is the limited crowds and better access to sales people equaling better service!

#5 Get organized.

a list of what you are hoping to buy and how much you are willing to spend. Make sure your budget is realistic, and stick to it. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly through the mall window shopping, stop yourself and refocus on the task at hand. This really will help you to save money on the fashions you want, since you won?t be distracted and fail to spot the best sales. It also helps to prepare in advance for the items you know are on sale and the stores that have major clearance selections. This works on any type of fashion, but summer fashions are the most heavily rotated and are the best for the strategies listed here.


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In Support of Mother’s Day …

By Kayla / March 26, 2013

Guess what holiday is coming up around the corner? Mother’s Day!

In honor of our mothers — the people who make our lives so special — let’s take a moment to applaud the hard work of moms around the world.

The typical American stay-at-home mom works 96 hours per week, according to research from This includes 15 hours of housekeeping, 14 hours cooking, 9 hours as the “computer manager” of the household, 6 hours doing laundry, almost 8 hours of driving and 7-and-a-half hours playing household psychologist.

If you add up the “fair market value” of those hours, a stay-at-home mom’s work is “worth” $115,000 per year, the study said. WOW!

How Many Moms Work Outside the Home?

What about working moms? Working moms balance 40-60 hours weeks outside of the home with another 40-60 hours working inside the home. Their work burdens are immense.

Sixty-one percent of moms in the U.S. work outside the home, which puts the U.S. 8th among developed nations in terms of the highest percentage of moms that work outside the house.

The Scandinavian countries — Sweden, Denmark and Norway — are first through third in having the highest percentage of working moms, with 76 percent of Swedish mothers working outside the home, or more than 3 out of every 4 moms. That’s followed by 74 percent of Danish moms and 73 percent of Norwegian moms.

70 percent of Portuguese moms work outside the home. After that, three countries are tied for having 2/3rds of the moms work outside the home: the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. Next comes the U.S., with 61 percent.

These statistics come from the Pew Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor, and the Harvard Business Review.

What Should We Do This Mothers Day?

Regardless of whether your mom stayed-at-home or worked outside the house, your mom worked hard to raise you.

Spend Mother’s Day showing your mom how much you appreciate her. Buy her flowers, chocolates or shoes. Make her breakfast in bed.

Don’t have a lot of money? Offer her a handmade “coupon book” for services that you’ll do around the house, like cleaning, landscaping, organizing or babysitting.

Also, on Mother’s Day 2013, support mothers in developing nations around the world. At that link, you can make a donation to programs that support women’s health, women’s rights and women’s economic prospects. You can help eradicate polio, give humanitarian aid to crisis-stricken zones and support education. Remember: a nation is only strong when its women are empowered and free.

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Sweet Love Story

By Kayla / February 14, 2013

Sometimes, things are SUPPOSED to happen.

Here’s a story I recently heard about how two people fell in love:

“My husband and I have been together 18 years this month and married for 16 years.

“Back when we met they did not have internet dating, so I posted an ad in the newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, to meet single men.

“My (future) husband, whom I hadn’t met yet, only read the San Francisco Chronicle. But the day my ad came out in the newspaper, he decided to buy the Contra Costa Times.

“He reviewed the single ads and I was the only one he called, lucky for me.

“We met for coffee, went on a few dates then got married 2 years later on Valentine?s Day. We have never been happier together.”

Sweet story, right? I just wanted to share that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Can You Imagine Spending $55,000 on Clothes a Year?

Sometimes I feel guilty about my spending sprees. “I just dropped $200 on a pair of jeans!”

But some celebrities spend more on clothes in a year than the average American earns. In this article, I found out that Kate Middleton spent $55,000 on clothes last year. Apparently, her spending records are required by law to be made public.

Now, Kate is a great dresser, but — geez! — with a budget of $55,000, I could be famous for being a great dresser, too! That’s the thing about comparing yourself to celebrities … you can’t really compare yourself to people who have an almost-unlimited budget for clothes, hair, makeup, facials, personal trainers, personal chefs and personal assistants.

Then again, I can’t be mad at her. Everything she wears almost instantly sells out, so in a sense, her clothes are a type of “economic stimulus” for designers and stores in Britain.

Besides, I bet that’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to how much Kim Kardashian spends.

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Is the Era of the Accessory Dog Over?

By Kayla / June 15, 2012

Is the era of the accessory dog over?

People used to tote small dogs around in their handbag, a look popularized by Paris Hilton and carried on by every reality TV star on the planet.

Lately, however, the dogs-as-accessories trend seems to have faded. Did celebs finally get tired of having accessories that poop in their Prada?

In my opinion, I’m glad to see that trend disappear. Watches, sunglasses and earrings are trendy accessories. Dogs are living creatures who depend on you for food, protection and love. Let’s not mix-up the two, and let’s not rush into a relationship with a dog just because it’s the hottest new fad.

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11 Ways to Shop Like A Sane Person!

Shopping can be addictive. And once you?re hooked, you can spend a huge amount of money — even though deep down you know you shouldn’t.

Here are 11 ways to avoid splurging while shopping.

#1: Spend on what you exactly need to buy. Its important that you avoid useless items you might regret later.

#2: Make a list and know what you want exactly. This helps make shopping easier, and saves you from impulse buying.

#3: Avoid browsing for things which you don’t need. This not only helps you save money but also takes away temptation to over-spend.

#4: Try online shopping. Unlike a store, you get thousands of choices — which means you can save from the deals. There are a literally hundreds of sites which offer you lower prices than the stores and therefore save money. (Assuming you follow Rule #1: Buy only what you need).

#5: Shop around. Check out many places before you settle for a product. The main thing about online shopping is that you can check out many websites and then buy your product.

#6: Check the discount section before you buy your product. It is possible that the product you want maybe available in the sales section of the website.

#7: Do not get tempted when you want to buy something expensive when the website offers “interest-free financing”. This maybe just a trap to lure you into buying something you can’t afford. After the grace period ends, you’ll pay interest on the installments and therefore you end up paying more than the actual price.

#8: Sign up for weekly newsletters from the online stores. This will help you stay updated with the upcoming sales and discounts. Once you buy a product from an online store, they might give you cash back points to use on your next purchase.

#9: Have a budget ready when you start shopping. Once you have your budget set, you would know your limits.

#10: Check for online coupons which help you getting additional discounts on the products of that particular site. These coupons are codes which you need to feed during your payment.

#11: Keep in mind that the more you surf the net for options, the better deals you will find. Check for daily deals on the site. Many websites update the “hot deals” page daily. You may get a product at discounted price — even though just one day ago, you were getting it at regular price.

Photo courtesy Flickr user coffee core.

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Passion for Fashion

By Kayla / January 18, 2012

First of all, WOW — my $50 CASH giveaway is getting tons of attention! There’s still time to enter, so if you haven’t already entered the contest, please do!

Okay, I realize I’m a little late in giving you this info — which relates to a line of Fall 2011 fashion. BUT, the outfits that are featured here are perfect for wearing all winter long. And given that it’s January, it will still be cold for 2-3 more months.

PLUS, this blog is all about beauty on a budget. Remember my tag line, “Spending Less is Simply Beautiful”? Fall/winter fashion collections should be ON SALE now — in January, when retailers are trying to clear their inventory in order to create space for the Spring 2012 line.

Who doesn’t love buying cute clothes on sale?

So, check out these great styles that you can buy on sale right now, and wear until March or April. (I love those leather boots!)

Cheap Sally Passion for Fashion Fall 2011

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Top New Year’s Resolutions

By Kayla / January 2, 2012

Here are the Top 10 most popular New Years Resolutions, according to my cursory Internet search:

#10: Get Out of Debt!
Pay off those credit cards, pay down those student and car loans, make an extra payment on the mortgage. Isn’t it amazing to see how much debt most people have?

#9: Quit Smoking
Save money AND look beautiful by tossing those cigarettes away!

Uggghh, thank God I never started smoking. It’s awful for your skin — it gives you wrinkles that Botox will never hide. If you smoke, please, please, please make a New Years Resolution to quit. I try not to be preachy, but … c’mon, please!

#8: Smile More!
Speaking of wrinkles, the least attractive feature on a woman is frown lines. Smiling is a cheap (actually, FREE) way to avoid developing those unsightly lines around your mouth!

#7: Look Stylish on the Cheap!
Disappointed with your expired mascara, your bland perfume, and your 5-year-old clothes? But you can’t justify spending a fortune revamping your makeup stash and wardrobe?

Don’t worry — there are plenty of “frugal beauty hacks” that can help you update your closet without spending too much. Try making your own organic skin cream for less than $4.

#6: Get Organized!
Throw away that clutter in your desk drawers. De-junk your closet. Toss out the shoes you never wear.
Oh yeah, and organize your receipts. After all, it’s almost tax season …

#5: Develop a New Skill
Become a fantastic Italian chef — at least by the standards of your own household. Or try playing the piano or learning French. Best of all? The time you spend learning a new skill can keep you entertained, which distracts you from spending too much money … You’ll climb out of debt in no time, and still have a few dollars left over to splurge on some Hermes perfume!

Need inspiration? Try some of my recipes, including this great low-fat, low-carb chili recipe that’s prefect for winter.

#4: Exercise
If you can’t afford a pricey gym membership, try jogging in the mornings or use a workout DVD in your living room. Remember: cardio exercise today saves you a ton of money in health-care bills down the road!

#3: Lose Weight
This is related to — but not the same as — the goal to exercise more. All the makeup, hair style tips and skin creams in the world can’t help you if your body isn’t healthy. You don’t need to become a waifish catwalk model, but you should at least be healthy.

This blog is all about beauty from the inside-out, and that starts with clean health and a reasonable body weight. Here’s how to save money by eating in-season. And here’s a great low-fat pizza recipe.

#2: Spend Less Money
I have great news: if you spend more time exercising, cooking meals at home, or playing around with makeup like you did when you were a little girl … you won’t be as tempted to go out for drinks, go out to eat, or go on a wild shopping spree.

#1: Spend More Time with Family
After all, a woman of true beauty is a woman who puts first things first: the people she loves most.

Photo courtesy whologwhy

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What Did You Get For Christmas?

By Kayla / December 26, 2011

what did you get for christmasI don’t mean to sound cliche here, but I want you to ask yourself two questions:

What did you get for Christmas?


What did you give for Christmas?

It’s great that you received wonderful presents. Most of us — especially those of you who are moms — don’t spend enough time pampering yourself. Enjoy – Bask! – in what other people want to give you.

But at the risk of sounding cliche, think about the joy you got from the new sweater, or mascara, or bottle of nail polish. Now think of the joy you felt when someone you love — your children, your grandma — opened a present that you gave them.

We don’t pamper ourselves enough, it’s true. But the best pampering of all is seeing the joy that you’ve created in the eyes of someone you care about.

And those thoughts are my Christmas gift to you. Thanks for reading.

Photo courtesy runytry.

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Money-Saving Halloween Costume Tips

By Kayla / October 31, 2011

Let’s celebrate Halloween with 4 money-saving costume tips.

#1: Head to those Halloween stores on Nov. 1, when everything’s on sale, to stock up on next year’s costumes.

#2: But oops, you forgot to do that LAST year, and you need a costume for Halloween night. Buy one “signature” piece that will signal to the world exactly what your costume is.

For example, if you’re a witch, buy a pointy black hat, and wear the rest of your clothes from stuff you have at home. If you’re Cleopatra, buy a headpiece and just wear something flowy that’s already in your closet.

#3: Use tons of makeup — rather than clothes — to create your costume. A white face + blood-red lips + a cheap set of fangs = instant vampire. It’s far cheaper than shelling out tons of cash on a bumblebee outfit.

#4: Remember — at the end of the night, your kids will get candy (or you’ll get a phone number at the party) regardless of how ‘authentic’ your costume is. The point is to let loose and have fun, not to have the perfect outfit.

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