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Keep Skin Moisturized – While Saving Money!

By Kennedi Rose / February 22, 2012

During dry weather, especially in winter, people have to deal with dry skin and chapped lips. This is caused by a lack of moisture. Dry weather soaks up the moisture from the skin, leaving it dull and vulnerable. It?s very important that you keep your skin condition and moisturized. Let?s discuss 9 cheap ways to […]


Cheap Ways to Get Great Skin

By Kennedi Rose / January 9, 2012

How can you make your skin look young and healthy — without causing too much pressure on your pocket? Check out these 15 suggestions: #1: Cleanse before you go to bed. It frees your skin from the dust particles collected on it during the day.   #2: Use a face-wash with scrub particles to properly […]


5 Tips for Holiday Beauty Savings

By Kennedi Rose / December 21, 2011

Want to find holiday beauty savings? Here are 5 tips: #5: Schedule appointments After Christmas. Many women rush to schedule hair appointments, facials and even tanning bed appointments (not that you should EVER tan!) before Christmas. They want to have the “look” in time for the office holiday party. If you wait until after Christmas, […]


How to Make Your Own Beauty Products

By Kennedi Rose / December 16, 2011

Learn how to make your own beauty products, including exfoliant, scrubs, toner and more! The terrible state of the economy is affecting everyone. We are all extremely hesitant to buy any non-essentials at full price. Because cosmetics and skin care products are typically considered to be non-essentials, so it might be tempting to skimp on […]


Money-Saving Beauty Tips

By Kennedi Rose / December 5, 2011

Today’s post is a collection of money-saving beauty tips and tricks that come straight from you, the readers! But before we get to that, I’d like to offer a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Veronica L., the winner of my $50 gift card contest! I choose her entry through Random.org, a nifty website that picks a number […]


Top 5 Ways to Get Great Skin on a Budget

By Kennedi Rose / November 30, 2011

You’ve got pimples and you’re broke. Uggh, it’s like being in middle school again. Don’t worry. Your great skin isn’t the result of buying expensive creams. It’s the result of great skin care habits. So don’t believe the hype. You don’t need pools of money to fight your acne or your dry skin. Remember, you […]


I’m So Embarrassed!!

By Kennedi Rose / November 21, 2011

I admit – I probably have awful self-esteem!! I had no idea so many people read this blog!! I posted the $50 gift card giveaway and then — like a moron! — I didn’t check my comments for a week. You see, I normally don’t get many comments! I’m in the habit of only getting […]


DIY Acne Skin Care Cream

By Kennedi Rose / November 16, 2011

Last week I shared a recipe for making an acne skin care cream from scratch, at home, using all natural/organic ingredients, for about $4 dollars. Today I’d like to share two more recipes that do the same thing. Both recipes are designed for acne-prone or oily skin. Both recipes are DIY, make-it-from-home instructions. They’re cheap, […]


Acne Skin Care on a Budget: Use Apple

By Kennedi Rose / November 9, 2011

Treating acne-prone skin can really break the bank. I’m tired of forking over dozens of dollars on acne skin care products like face wash, creams and peroxide. I feel like no matter how much money I spend, nothing works. And besides, I’m sick of paying out the nose for “all-natural” acne skin care products. Do […]


Skin Care Wednesday: 6 Cheap Ways to Stay Hydrated

By Kennedi Rose / October 26, 2011

Winter’s approaching, which means your skin is probably getting drier, thanks to all that cold breeze that’s now blowing in your face. But hydrating skin creams can cost a bundle. What are some cheap ways to keep your skin hydrated? 1) Apply cream while you’re in a steamy bathroom. The heat and steam will open […]

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