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15 Tips for Aging Gracefully

By Kennedi Rose / July 24, 2012

Women like me, who are ?seeing signs of age? (whatever that means!), are often worried about aging gracefully. We don?t mind looking our own age ? and we?ll accept it if you tell us we look younger! ? but we certainly don?t want to look older than our years. At the same time, we don?t […]


How to Do a Budget At-Home Spa Treatment

By Kennedi Rose / July 10, 2012

Can’t shell out $75 to $120 on a spa treatment? Create a budget spa treatment at home, using these four simple steps: #1: Steam your face over a hot pot of water. This will help open your pores and prep your skin for your spa treatment. #2: Cleanse and exfoliate as usual, then apply a […]


4 Budget Uses for Baking Soda in Your Beauty Regimen

By Kennedi Rose / July 3, 2012

Trying to achieve beauty on a budget? Check out these four creative uses for baking soda: #1: Use Baking Soda as an Exfoliant: Eww! The thought of putting baking soda all over my face scared me at first, but this beauty hack actually feels great on your skin. Mix one-half teaspoon baking soda with your […]


8 Cheap Beauty Tricks

By Kennedi Rose / June 25, 2012

Interested in learning some cheap beauty tricks? Want some homemade hair and skin recipes? Here you go! #1: Use olive oil to remove eye makeup. Wearing waterproof mascara? Switch to sesame oil. #2: Got leftover olive oil? Use it to soak your fingernails and cuticles. #3: Mix one teaspoon of honey into one quart of […]


How to Get Great Looking Skin for Less

By Kennedi Rose / April 18, 2012

Lots of people want to get great looking skin but have tight wallets. Don?t worry. Protecting your skin is not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few ways you can achieve great skin for less. #1: Work out! Exercising not only secretes out the sweat and the dirt from your body, it […]


Frugal Hack: How to Increase the Life of Your Razor Blade

By Kennedi Rose / April 16, 2012

Want to learn a frugal hack that can save you $20 per year? You probably go through a ton of razor blades. The cost of these can really add up. A 12-pack of razor cartridges costs $30, and lasts about 1 year. I’m going to show you how to triple the life of each razor […]


Tea Tree Oil – A Cheap Skin Treatment

By Kennedi Rose / March 26, 2012

Got skin problems? Having hard time taking care of your face? There is an easy cure to all this: Tea Tree Oil. This oil has been used for ages to improve skin. Tea tree oil is obtained by steaming the leaves of the plant melaleuca alternifonia. This plant is mostly grown in Australia. Here are […]


7 Cheap Ways to Handle Acne Problems

By Kennedi Rose / March 21, 2012

Many women have severe acne problems, but can?t afford expensive acne creams and medications. Here are 7 inexpensive and effective solutions to acne. #1: Use products which are not made from chemicals. You can see the effects from these products very quickly, but the side effects come quickly, too. Sure, these products work fast, but […]


How to Get Great Skin for Cheap

By Kennedi Rose / March 19, 2012

Many people want great looking skin ? and there are lots of cheap, effective ways to get it, without spending too much money. Here are 8 ways to get great skin on the cheap. #1: Eat healthy foods. The adage ?you are what you eat? is very true. Skip fatty and greasy foods, which don?t […]


14 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging … on the Cheap!

By Kennedi Rose / March 14, 2012

How often have you heard women talk about wrinkles on their faces and foreheads? How often have you wondered how you can maintain your youthful appearance as the years pass by? Aging gracefully is a common issue among women who are on the brink of being called ?middle-aged? (whatever that means). Here are 14 ways […]

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