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Why Botox is Not the Answer to Anti-Ageing

By Kennedi Rose / July 15, 2019

Nobody wants to age, at the very least they don?t want the signs to show up on their skin. Wrinkles upset people because they are a constant reminder of aging. There are so many things that people do to get rid of wrinkles starting from using a ton of chemicals to resorting to cosmetic procedures. […]


5 Things to Include in Your Diet For Healthy Skin

By Kennedi Rose / June 24, 2019

Skin care is vital for healthy looking skin. With increased pollution, being out has a very damaging effect on your skin. Not to mention the harmful UV rays you are exposed to with a full day out in sun. Sure, you use external protections like sunscreen, moisturizers, caps, scarves, etc. Helping your body to internally […]


5 Homemade Lip Scrub Options

By Kennedi Rose / June 17, 2019

Lip scrubs are great for getting rid of your dry lips and turning them into baby soft lips. But, some scrubs can be really expensive. We don?t mind spending money on things that make us feel good. But, what if I tell you, you don?t have to. Making lip scrubs at home is easy and […]


5 Homemade Face Packs to Try

By Kennedi Rose / June 10, 2019

Here are some homemade face packs that are worth trying. 1. Aloe vera Aloe vera is a very versatile plant. It is used from medicines to beauty and seems to do wonders in all the ways used. People swear by aloe vera, and they have a good reason to do so. It is used to […]


5 Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

By Kennedi Rose / May 27, 2019

1. Start a skincare routine way before the big day The biggest mistake you can do is leaving you skincare until the last minute. It is never too early to start a skincare regime. With your big day just months away, it is essential to start taking care of any skin issues you might have. […]


5 Ways to Make Your Feet Soft at Home

By Kennedi Rose / April 22, 2019

Cracked heels are painful, not to mention they aren?t exactly good looking. If you walk a lot, then you know the actual pain of having cracked feet. Some of the reasons for getting cracked feet are dehydration, improper diet, climate change, wearing wrong kinds of footwear, being on your feet with no proper shoes outside. […]


5 Things You Must Do As Your Night Skin Care Routine

By Kennedi Rose / April 15, 2019

Taking care of your skin is very important. With busy lives, we often forget to take care of our skin. Between work and daily grind, our skin gets exposed to dirt and pollution. Harsh weather conditions damage our skin. I agree it is very tempting to just go to bed at the end of a […]


Why is it important to keep your skin hydrated?

By Kennedi Rose / January 14, 2019

An individual?s personality is basically an overall representation of who they are in person.  Now while basic etiquettes and mannerism are key factors in enhancing one?s personality a well put together look adds even more charm to it. And when your skin is healthy it will make you looks as good as ever before. A […]


Skin Pigmentation: Causes and Treatments

By Kennedi Rose / October 4, 2018

One of the main reasons people visit beauticians, aesthetic clinics and similar establishments is to deal with skin pigmentation. It?s a problem that affects lots of people, for many different reasons and it can be hard to understand, let alone find a solution. Today, we?re taking a look at this problem, explaining how it happens […]

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