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12 Ways Being Fit Can Help You Save Money

By Kayla / February 27, 2012

Being fit is something we all want, but did you know that staying fit can help you save money? You don’t need to spend thousands on an expensive gym membership, and you don’t need to hire a personal trainer.  You just need cheap, healthy food and exercise. Here are 12 tips to help you save […]


Keep Skin Moisturized – While Saving Money!

By Kayla / February 22, 2012

During dry weather, especially in winter, people have to deal with dry skin and chapped lips. This is caused by a lack of moisture. Dry weather soaks up the moisture from the skin, leaving it dull and vulnerable. It’s very important that you keep your skin condition and moisturized. Let’s discuss 9 cheap ways to […]


How to Make the Most of Your Old Phone

By Kayla / February 20, 2012

There you are, online, scrolling through the many new models of mobile phones that are on the market, and thinking about your own phone and how old it is. You have been planning to upgrade for months but never quite got round to it. You start wondering: “I’ve got to upgrade, but what am I […]


Getting a Home Loan as a Single Parent

By Kayla / February 15, 2012

This website is dedicated to women + budgeting, so I wanted to highlight this guest post about getting a home loan if you’re a single parent. This is an important money issue affecting millions of women. In these times of difficult economic circumstances, financial support can be hard to find. Loans and grants always have […]


The History of Online Shopping

By Kayla / February 13, 2012

Do you love online shopping? I certainly do. So I was pretty excited to see this graphic that describes the history of online shopping, starting all the way back in 1979. Can you believe it? Online shopping started during the Carter administration? That’s at least 20 years — maybe 25 years — before I ever […]


How to Save Money on Hair Products

By Kayla / February 10, 2012

There are many ways to save money on hair products that do not leave your hair looking like a hay-stack. You’ll need to look around for the best bargains. Here are 12 ways you can save money on hair products: #1: Check out the website of specific brand names, they may offer deals on older […]


Save Money By Dyeing Your Own Hair

By Kayla / February 1, 2012

Want to create beauty on a budget? Forget shelling out hundreds of dollars at a salon. You can dye your own hair for less than $20. “Um, but if I dye my own hair, it will look awful,” women usually say. Okay, fine. Fair enough. Here are 8 tips that you should consider if you’re […]


How Stores Trick You Into Spending More

By Kayla / January 29, 2012

Buy this: It’s reduced, it’s on sale. What a bargain! Stores know you can’t resist sales. You probably think you’re spending less by buying things “on sale,” but that’s not always true. Here are 8 ways you can avoid spending too much: #1: Do you use a half-gallon of milk a week? But the gallon […]


Women Around the Web …

By Kayla / January 27, 2012

Here are some more great posts about beauty on a budget from women around the web … Who has time to run across town from store to store, hunting for the cheapest deals? A Cowboy’s Wife tells us how to always get the lowest prices at ONE particular store. My Women Stuff posts one of […]


How Do Most People Spend Their Money?

By Kayla / January 23, 2012

Have you ever wondered how most people spend their money? The U.S. Department of Labor collected data on how the average family spends their cash. Since reading government data is boring, this cute little graphic — with fun colors — is a more interesting way to visualize their data. (Click on the image to see […]

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