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Frugal Hack: How to Increase the Life of Your Razor Blade

By Kayla / April 16, 2012

Want to learn a frugal hack that can save you $20 per year? You probably go through a ton of razor blades. The cost of these can really add up. A 12-pack of razor cartridges costs $30, and lasts about 1 year. I’m going to show you how to triple the life of each razor […]


Friday the 13th ! Top-Grossing Horror Movies …

By Kayla / April 13, 2012

In honor of Friday the 13th (today!), I’d like to show you some of the top-grossing (no pun intended!) horror movies of all time. “Er – that’s great,” you might be thinking, “but what does that have to do with beauty on a budget?” Three things: #1: Horror movies are great examples of Hollywood’s professional […]


Are You More Likely to Be Fat If You’re Poor?

By Kayla / March 28, 2012

Research shows that if you’re poor, you are more likely to eat cheap, fat, starchy food that is full of bad stuff (like sugars and simple carbs). You’re also more likely to live in a “food desert” — a neighborhood that’s far away from shops that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. To avoid gaining weight, […]


Tea Tree Oil – A Cheap Skin Treatment

By Kayla / March 26, 2012

Got skin problems? Having hard time taking care of your face? There is an easy cure to all this: Tea Tree Oil. This oil has been used for ages to improve skin. Tea tree oil is obtained by steaming the leaves of the plant melaleuca alternifonia. This plant is mostly grown in Australia. Here are […]


Why Airlines Are Broke

By Kayla / March 23, 2012

Have you seen that movie Pan Am? About how chic and sexy the role of airline stewardess was? Pan Am used to be the biggest airline on earth, and now it’s bankrupt. It went out of existence in 1991. (Kate Middleton’s mom was a Pan Am airline stewardess — she was from a poor family, […]


7 Cheap Ways to Handle Acne Problems

By Kayla / March 21, 2012

Many women have severe acne problems, but can’t afford expensive acne creams and medications. Here are 7 inexpensive and effective solutions to acne. #1: Use products which are not made from chemicals. You can see the effects from these products very quickly, but the side effects come quickly, too. Sure, these products work fast, but […]


Cell Phones Are Cheap Now

By Kayla / March 16, 2012

Good news! It turns out that cell phones don’t cost as much as they used to … which means you have a few more dollars to, ahem, invest. (Or splurge on some lipstick!) Check out this cute little graphic that shows the declining cost of texting that cute guy — er, I mean, your husband. […]


14 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging … on the Cheap!

By Kayla / March 14, 2012

How often have you heard women talk about wrinkles on their faces and foreheads? How often have you wondered how you can maintain your youthful appearance as the years pass by? Aging gracefully is a common issue among women who are on the brink of being called “middle-aged” (whatever that means). Here are 14 ways […]


11 Ways to Shop Like A Sane Person!

By Kayla / March 5, 2012

Shopping can be addictive. And once you’re hooked, you can spend a huge amount of money — even though deep down you know you shouldn’t. Here are 11 ways to avoid splurging while shopping. #1: Spend on what you exactly need to buy. Its important that you avoid useless items you might regret later. #2: […]


Weirdest Vacation Destinations in America

By Kayla / February 29, 2012

Are you planning a getaway this spring or summer? Tired of the winter doldrums, and wanting a vacation to a fun spot where you can stay at a plush hotel and enjoy spa treatments? Check out this info about some of the most expensive, most bizarre, and most outrageous vacation spots in the United States. […]

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