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Eating Healthy: A Cheap Shopping List

By Kennedi Rose / January 11, 2014

#1: Buy fruits and veggies. Fruits like banana?s, apples, and oranges all are generally very cheap, especially when they are in season. Focus on non exotic fruits and vegetables as they tend to be much more expensive strictly due to import costs. #2: Use bell peppers. Bell peppers are less expensive than other filler vegetables […]


How to Eat Healthy for Dirt Cheap!

By Kennedi Rose / January 4, 2014

#1: Use a list. Planning your healthy food list out down to each and every food item will help you buy what you need, not what you want. It will also provide you with a framework to count every calorie that goes into your body and will also give you the peace of mind to […]


10 Celebrities Who Are NOT Blowing All Their Money

By Kennedi Rose / December 24, 2013

Here are 10 celebrities who aren’t blowing all their money. #1: Stone Cold Steve Austin. ?Stone Cold? hates spending money, and during his WWE career he would stay in cheap hotels instead of 5 star luxury resorts just to save money. Don?t mess with this wrestler?s money! #2: Halle Berry. Halle Berry points to her […]


10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

By Kennedi Rose / December 4, 2013

#1: Stay at home. New Year?s Eve is celebrated by every news channel and organization out there, so staying at home and watching the ball drop is a fun and cheap way to enjoy the festivities. #3: Buy cheap champagne. You don?t have to buy a bottle of Dom Perignon to enjoy the New Year. […]


How to Lose Weight When You’re on A Budget

By Kennedi Rose / November 25, 2013

#1: Cook at home. Cooking at home takes the guess work out of counting calories and also saves you money. Buy only vegetables and lean meats and watch your savings stack up while your weight flies off. #2: Create an outdoor workout routine. Walking, running, jumping rope, and bicycling are all great ways to exercise, […]


How to Dress Fashionably Without Paying Full Retail

By Kennedi Rose / November 18, 2013

Frugal doesn’t mean frumpy. Here are 8 ways you can dress with fashion on a budget. #1: Wait for sales. Even the biggest brands have sales at some point during the year, so wait until they start advertising sales to buy that dress you just have to have. Season changes usually mean sales so go […]


How Eating Healthy Can Help You Save Money

By Kennedi Rose / September 23, 2013

Yes, fruits and veggies are expensive. But processed and packaged foods are even more expensive, having health problems and needing to see a doctor is expensive. Here are 8 reasons why being healthy (and eating healthy) is cheaper than not. #1:Save on health costs in the long-run. Healthy foods help your body to heal and […]


Are You Switching Insurance Plans Because of Obamacare?

By Kennedi Rose / August 26, 2013

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from my insurance provider, telling me that I need to go online to learn about how Obamacare will affect my insurance. It said that starting on Oct 1, 2013, I’ll be able to start searching for an alternate plan. I’m not clear, however, if I need to […]


How to Save Money on the Cost of Gasoline

By Kennedi Rose / July 24, 2013

Gasoline is expensive! $4 a gallon? Who can afford that? Here are some tips to help you save money on gas. 1. Consolidate your errands. This is the one of the best ways to save money on gas. Instead of taking five or six different trips to get everything you need plan out what errands […]

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