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How to Have a Budget-Friendly Wedding in Your Way

By Kennedi Rose / January 24, 2019

Wedding bliss comes with a lot of excitement and happiness and also money drain. Figuring out a wedding that can stand out as a budgeted affair is a bit tricky task but can be accomplished with a bit of smartness and efforts. It is usually seen that despite how hard you may try, one may […]


6 Easy Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

By Kennedi Rose / August 4, 2015

Now that I?m living with a capsule wardrobe, I am beginning to see how quickly clothes can wear out when you don?t have many of them. That combined with the fact that I?m on a self-imposed shopping ban until the end of the year means that I have to find as many ways to make […]


4 Ways to Save Money and Improve Your Health

By Kennedi Rose / June 23, 2015

Have you ever really looked at what most people’s goals are? What about their New Year’s Resolutions? Most people’s goals tend to be focused around one of two things: health or wealth. Every year people set goals to become healthier, lose weight, or save money. But what if you could save money and improve your […]


Extra Aid for Single Parents

By Kennedi Rose / May 27, 2015

The content below is specific to Australia but provides readers of other countries examples of what type of single parent assistance programs that may be available to them. Most developed countries have non-profit and government resource to help single parents financially. If you are a single parent and you are already receiving aid from the […]


Five Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

By Kennedi Rose / February 11, 2015

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is about $30,000? When many couples think of such an expensive price tag, they immediately start considering which friends and family members they should cross off the guest list. However, there are some ways you can save money on your wedding so you can still […]


Why You Should NOT Wash Your Hair Everyday

By Kennedi Rose / January 14, 2015

I get complimented on my hair all the time. One of the reasons I get compliments (I think) is because I always have my hair styled when I leave the house. Because I have a short hairstyle, I also get my hair cut every 6 weeks so it never starts look frizzy or overgrown. I […]


Space-Saving Tip of the Day

By Kennedi Rose / June 9, 2014

Tip of the Day: Furniture takes up a lot of space, so make yours pull double-duty. Three favorites: 1) Pull-out sofa beds, 2) Bed frames with storage drawers underneath, and 3) Ottomans with interior storage. These pieces of furniture provide great ways to maximize your storage without using any extra space.


10 Ways to Dress Stylishly on a Budget

By Kennedi Rose / April 7, 2014

#1: Use coupons. There is nothing wrong with using coupons to score serious style deals. Department stores offer great coupons for loyal customers if you sign up for the email newsletter or snail mail promotions. Use these coupons in coordination with sales and you can save some serious money on your wardrobe. #2: Shop at […]


Best Ombre Hair Tips for Brunettes

By Kennedi Rose / January 25, 2014

#1: Use common sense. If you are a brunette then you are facing a dramatic change if you are thinking about going ombre with your hair. Use common sense by researching what look will go best with your shade of brunette. #2: Go golden blonde. Some girls like to go from straight brown to bleach […]

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