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Frugal Summer Fashion Finds

By Kennedi Rose / June 13, 2012

Looking for frugal summer fashion finds? Cheap outfits don’t need to LOOK cheap. Here are some of the most frugal fashion finds of the summer season. (Remember: it’s all about the accessories!) #1: BeDazzled Sunglasses You can find $16 sunglasses at Target that are bedazzled with little gems. These giant glasses look trendy and girlish […]


The Top 10 Perfumes under $40

By Kennedi Rose / March 9, 2012

Many women waste money on perfume. They simply don’t realize that they can get beautiful scents at a fraction of the price. We’ve compiled a list of top perfumes for under $40, to show that your next scent doesn’t need to cost a fortune. 1. Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour The multi-talented superstar’s Love & […]


Love Jewelry? Perfume? Make Money From It …

By Kennedi Rose / December 14, 2011

Here’s a guest post written by Melissa, a woman who makes money selling crafts like jewelry and soaps online. She has lots of tips about how to start any online business you want! You could sell homemade perfume, makeup, jewelry, or even become a nail polish distributor … the sky is the limit! I hope […]