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Makeup Monday: When a Designer Criticizes Your Eyes

By Kennedi Rose / October 24, 2011

Can you imagine how you’d react if a big-shot designer like Vivienne Westwood criticized your makeup application? At least one twentysomething gal has gone through this: the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was criticized by the famous designer for wearing eyeliner that’s too sharp. This article about Kate Middleton’s makeup quotes Vivienne Westwood as saying […]


How Much Makeup Is Too Much?

By Kennedi Rose / September 26, 2011

If you’re wearing this much …. Or if your makeup looks like this …. If your eyeshadow looks like this … And your face looks like this … If you leave the house looking like this … Then you might be wearing too much makeup. **** Note: I’m not picking on anyone — this is […]


What Is Matte Lipstick?

By Kennedi Rose / September 19, 2011

For Makeup Monday, I’ll answer a question a few of my friends have posed: What Is Matte Lipstick? It seems to be all the rage right now. Remember back in the days when we took photographs to the store to get them developed? Remember how the photo attendant would ask if we wanted those pictures […]


Eyeshadow: All About the Application

By Kennedi Rose / August 17, 2011

There are a heap of fashion and makeup blogs that debate endlessly about the “best” eyeshadow colors, and while it’s fun to play with color — changing it up according to the season, your clothes, and your mood — there really is no “best.” The secret to great eyeshadow is all in its application. ANY […]


Celebrities With Bad Makeup

By Kennedi Rose / August 15, 2011

Do celebs have bad makeup days? Of course! Despite having access to top professional stylists, even celebrities makeup can be horrendous. Here’s a look at some of the worst makeup on the faces of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. Mischa Barton, what are you thinking? The former OC star can’t decide if she’s on the red carpet […]


Bronzer for Fair Skin AND for Dark Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 7, 2011

Until recently I thought bronzer was only for fair skin. I didn’t understand why they made bronzer for dark skin like mine — after all, my skin is bronze enough. But “bronzer” and “tanner,” I’ve recently realized, are completely different concepts. Bronzer highlights your tone, regardless of whether you’re fair skinned or dark skinned. Bronzer […]

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