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Skills Newbie Investors Must Possess

By Kayla / May 16, 2018

Investing is not gambling. Becoming an investor requires skillful navigation of the markets. A good part of investing is about being interested in the financial market and the overall economy. If you think finances are boring, then investing is probably not for you. However, mere interest doesn?t translate into investment success. If you want to […]


How To Trade Penny Stocks

By Kayla / April 13, 2017

There is an art to how to trade penny stocks. It requires hours of discipline to reach mastery of that art, with time spent studying stock trends, charts and spreadsheets. It also requires a significant amount of risk management. That is also where the discipline comes in. Penny stocks need to be traded in great […]


5 Ways to Freelance for Extra Income

By Kayla / February 8, 2017

A national survey found that 23% of workers always live paycheck to paycheck and another 53% usually or sometimes live paycheck to paycheck. Stagnant wage growth is one of the factors that are preventing people from being able to save money. Given that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, picking up extra cash […]


3 Beauty And Fitness Investments In 2016

By Kayla / July 15, 2016

The financial world has dozens of viable investment vehicles to choose from. You can choose to do stocks trading, Forex or spread betting to name a few. Yet, one thing still remains. To succeed in the financial arena, you will need the right information at the right time. The right data can help you position […]


Unique Ideas to Make Some Extra Money

By Kayla / January 25, 2016

The cost of living around the world is rapidly increasing, and no matter how many ways you try, you just can?t seem to save any money. There are only so many ways you can cut costs from your life. Unless you are excessively wasteful, odds are that most of the expenses in your life are […]


Is Property Investing Right for You?

By Kayla / July 28, 2014

We’ve all dreamed of living in a gorgeous home — one with large floor-to-ceiling windows, stainless steel appliances, and kitchen cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling. But while we’re used to thinking of a home as a personal purchase, houses have another function, as well — they can be great investments. In this article, […]


10 Reasons Why My Student Loans Are Stressing Me Out

By Kayla / May 8, 2014

#1: I can?t make the monthly payment. When I signed up for these loans I did not expect to be paying more than my car payment every month for them. It?s caught me off guard and now I can?t afford them! #2: The interest is building up. I really can?t afford to keep allowing the […]


15 “Side Job” Ideas That Can Help You Earn Thousands Extra

By Kayla / April 14, 2014

From writing articles to dog-sitting, from becoming a barista in the early morning (before your 9-to-5) to delivering pizzas at night, there are lots of interesting side jobs that can help you earn thousands extra. #1: Virtual Assistant. If you need extra side money and are good at organization be a Virtual assistant. You can […]


10 Celebrities Who Declared Bankruptcy

By Kayla / March 31, 2014

#1: Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson went into debt after failing to support his $10million a year Neverland Ranch and staff. In 2007 the multi platinum King of Pop filed for bankruptcy and had to get rid of some of his assets. #2: MC Hammer. MC Hammer is a well known example of how not to […]


Why I Blog

By Kayla / August 12, 2013

Today, dear readers, I just wanted to veer off the topic of saving money for a moment, and explain why I became a blogger. **** There are lots and lots of different types of online jobs. Frankly, a lot of them are more lucrative than writing, which has historically been known as a career of […]

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