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What to Consider Before Deciding to Run a Marathon

By Kayla / May 20, 2019

If you have been a regular runner, then you might have dreamed of participating in a marathon. Running a marathon is one of the things on the bucket lists of people who don?t run too. Everyone has it under ?someday.? Let?s say your ?someday? is ?now.? How do you prepare for it? Having proper preparation strategy, knowing what to work on, and also knowing the right gear for you is important to have a great first marathon experience. The feeling of hitting the finish line is exhilarating.

For many, it is a personal challenge, or they want to test their limits, or just want to prove themselves that they can go the distance. Maybe you are doing it for yourself or with a friend, or with your whole group. Maybe your reason is to lose weight, or get in better shape, increase your stamina, or raise awareness for a charity. Whatever your reason, just remember that maintaining your motivation in the months chalking up to the marathon is important and will help you get out and run.

It is important for your legs that you have a good shoe selection. Take into account the distance you will be running, the terrain, the problems your feet face, etc. Now that you have the proper running shoes. Focus on your stretching techniques and also breathing techniques. Proper mechanics are very important if it is difficult terrain.

You also need to be aware of your limits if this is the first time you are participating in a marathon. The 26 miles in a marathon can easily put you at a higher risk of injury than your everyday neighborhood or treadmill jogs. Before participating in a marathon, especially your first, consult with your physician before you even start training for the marathon.

Usually, people are recommended to begin their training a year prior to the marathon. Running a full marathon isn?t easy; it requires consistent practice and consistent base mileage. One of the most common causes of injury is people building their weekly mileage too soon and too fast. Which is why you shouldn?t underestimate the importance of consistently running at least 20-30 miles a week regularly before committing to training for a marathon. Find out where you stand before taking on a challenge.

Before going all in and training for a full marathon, why not test the waters. Run a few shorter races like 5Ks and 10Ks, and then maybe even a half marathon. This is an excellent way to prepare physically and mentally for your first full marathon.

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Why You Should Meditate

By Kayla / April 1, 2019

Meditation is proven to be very beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Its popularity has been on the rise since people have been discovering and experiencing its benefits more and more. Once you get into the habit of meditating, you get more in tune with yourself. It is a habitual process to train your mind, to increase your focus, and redirect your thoughts.

It helps you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. It has been proven to be an effective way of reducing stress and also developing concentration.

Because it is a habitual process and you need to develop your mind to meditate, it is also beneficial for learning self-discipline. Meditation also helps you get into the habit, once you know you can do it, it becomes easier to cultivate other habits. It helps you get in a positive mood and have a positive outlook, your sleep patterns get more regular, and you also experience increased pain tolerance.

Meditation is also beneficial for people who have a shorter attention span. It helps you increase the strength and endurance of your strength. It is mostly advised for students who can?t focus.

One of the main reasons people start meditating is to cure stress and anxiety. Now, unless the stress-inducing thing in your life goes away, it cannot be fully cured, but meditation helps with reducing it. Normally, mental and physical stress cause an increased level of the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Increased levels of stress hormone can produce many harmful effects of stress. These effects can disrupt your sleep, increase blood pressure, make your body more susceptible to fatigue, your mind can be effected with cloudy thinking, the chances of depression and anxiety increase.

Meditation helps get stress in control, and while at it, it saves you from many stress-triggered medical conditions. Less stress means less anxiety. One of the leading causes backing anxiety is stress. Meditation has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders. These disorders range from phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors to panic attacks.

Jobs have been deduced to be one of the main causes of stress in people. Meditation is very much required for people who work in high-stress level jobs. It helps control anxiety and stress in high-pressure work environments.

While meditating, you spend a considerable amount of time with yourself. This helps you develop a stronger understanding of yourself. When you are in tune with yourself, you know what you need to grow into the best version of yourself.

Some forms of meditation focus on you learning to recognize thoughts that may be harmful or self-defeating. The logic behind it is for you to gain awareness of your thought process, the habit of your thoughts, this then helps you stress clear of the harmful and negative thoughts and teaches you to follow more constructive patterns. Another form, that is used to develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to and react to those around you, is known as self-inquiry meditation.

No matter what problems you face, and what your reasons are. Meditation only does good, it is a great thing to get yourself in the habit of doing.

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Exercises to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain

By Kayla / January 28, 2019

The neck and shoulder pain are something which a lot of people are dealing with in today?s date.  It ends up causing up a lot of discomfort especially when it comes to working a 9 to 5 job while sitting continuously in front of computers. But don?t worry we are here to the rescue. By doing these simple exercises on a day to day basis you can easily fight back the neck and shoulder and live a comfortable life.

Below are a few exercises performing which you can easily heal your neck and shoulder pain!

Head Tilt

Start by sitting comfortably in a kneeling position. Let you head stack right over your shoulders while your arms are resting on the sides. Now exhale while lowering your left ear by your left shoulder. Then hold there and inhale. And return to the top position while exhaling. Do the same on your left side hold your inhale breath and move while you exhale. Then while exhaling turn your head towards your right shoulder.  Now repeat this exercise by switching on the alternate position. Do this exercise for two minutes.

Open Book

First lay down on your side and bend your knees in front of your hips and takes your hands over your ears. Make sure that your elbows are pointing forward.  Now inhale gently while reaching the top elbow and look up at the elbow point. Then slowly exhale while opening the top elbow from the back side till it touches the floor. Now relax your shoulders gently inhale and exhale and come back to the start position. Do this exercise with 5 reps both the sides.

Neck Roll

This is one of the easiest exercise and also a great healer for your neck and shoulder pains.  Start this exercise by sitting on your kneeling position and your head stacked straight above the shoulders and let your arms rest by the sides. Now exhale while gently lowering your left ear towards your left shoulder and then move your chin towards your chest. Then as you are circling inhale slowly while lowering your right ear towards your right shoulder. Then finish by bring by back your head in the previously stacked position.  And then reverse the circle again in the same way. While doing this do three circles each side.

Thoracic Extension

Start by sitting on the floor and then gently rest your back on a foam roller. Then use your hands to support your head while keeping your elbows wide and feet kept on the floor. Now inhale gently. Then while exhaling slowly extend your spine back on the roller and do this till you can stretch on your upper back, chest and abdominal.  And hold for a second and inhale. Then gently exhale as you return back to the start position using your abdominals.

Thus these exercises will greatly improve your neck and shoulder mobility and also their stability. These are quite effective in minimizing the pain and eventually it will vanish if you do it on a routine basis.

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How to Get Back into Shape after Giving Birth

By Kayla / January 21, 2019

Pregnancy is a very special part in the life of every woman. You nurture a life for nine months before finally you bring them to this beautiful world. But after pregnancy usually the body becomes a little out of shape. Although so many movie stars have proved it time and again that getting back in shape right after pregnancy is no more an imaginary concept anymore. And thus you can get back in shape too! Just by adopting the following measures you can actually get your perfect body back and that too in no time!

  • Adapt to a well balanced diet plan

Instead of eating less, try to eat sufficient but with a proper calculated intake of all the necessary proteins and vitamins in your diet.  Jump on to a well balanced meal which includes carbohydrates, saturated fats and of course protein! Also in snack ditch those savory packaged food which contains unhealthy fat and stick to fruits and vegetable salads or the whole grain food items. Also switch to olive for cooking purposes. By sticking to a proper diet you will be able to shed a significant amount of fat soon.

  • Go for a walk         

By taking a walk you will actually be able to burn calories and your body will become more active. You can start by walking for shorter distance and then you can gradually increase your steps at 10 % everyday.

  • Start exercising once the doctor gives a clearance

The time after which you can start exercising depends on the type of delivery you have had during the birth. According to experts, women who have had a normal vaginal delivery without any complications can eventually start exercising after approx 2 weeks.? But they start with very little. And gradually can increase their workout regime with daily dose of small increments. But for those you dealt with a complicated pregnancy you should more likely visit your doctor and then start exercising accordingly.

  • Do breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps too in the process of getting back in shape. It helps in shrinking the uterus back to its pre pregnancy size and also burns up to 600 cal a day. But to have a proper breastfeeding you again need to focus on your food intake  which should be well balanced in terms nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates etc.  This will help you avoid getting into breast feeding diet trap and get back in shape as soon as possible.

  • Perform kegels and pelvic tilts

Unlike the other steps, this is something you can do as soon as you have your delivery. Right after two to three days you can do this which will help you in increasing the blood supply to the perineum which in turn will boost your process of recovery. All you have to do is to exhale and then draw in your belly. Also it will result in improving the movement of your hips and abdominals. This in turn will help you build a firm foundation to get you abs stronger and thus enhance your body metabolism.

Thus by adopting these above steps you can get back in shape in just a few months without having to wait for years. Just make sure that you also visit a doctor for a clearance on the diet plan and exercise regime that you have decided to follow and let them corrections if any which is necessary! And then you can start adopting the above measures and you will soon see the difference.

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5 Points For A Healthier You

By Kayla / January 17, 2019


Most people think that exercise is truly the best way to be healthy. But truth of the matter is, it’s what we put inside our bodies. In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of having a balanced diet without compromising taste and how it can satisfy your craving. You will find out that you really don’t need to exert a lot of effort to accomplish this.

Drinking Water Before Meals

Our body cannot function without water, yet this is something most people take for granted. Life today is fast-phased that we tend to forget this simple tip, yet when it comes to junk food we are always a foot ahead.

Make sure to drink a glass of water after you wake up to compensate for what was lost during sleeping, like sweat. This will also relieve your heart since the water that you lost in your body while sleeping actually makes your blood thicker which then puts pressure on the heart.

Also remember to drink a glass of water before each meal. Water has no calories but it tends to make you feel full leading for you to eat less.

Begin With A Quality Breakfast

Most people want to have a breakfast that’s easy to prepare. However, since breakfast will kick-start your day, might as well go for something smart.

So instead of munching on some cereals, why not prepare an easy omelet. It’s healthy and you can ditch all the additives from the cereal, right.

And to avoid binge eating, since you might still get hungry even before noon, try to opt for a healthy snack, like fruits or smoothies.

Substitute Foods That Are Delicious

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating tasteless. There are a lot of substitute foods you can use as a replacement. Let’s say replacing white rice with Quinoa or replacing croutons with almonds.

There are a lot on alternatives that you can find online that you can use without compromising the taste of your food, and yet still be healthy.

It Pays To Read The Labels

You must understand what is going inside your body so next time you are doing your grocery shopping, learn to learn the labels at the side of that box.

What’s labeled on the front may be tricky sometimes, claiming it’s 99% of this and that. Flip the box to the side or the back to get a more accurate information.

Going The Extra Mile

There are other steps you can take to contribute to having a better health. You don’t need to enroll in a gym class or run as many miles as you can. You can start off by having 15-minute walks, something that will help your blood flowing.

If you really don’t have time, you may practice deep breathing and meditation technique that you can do anywhere.

Care for sleep. It would help if you can go to bed an hour earlier. Or you can take naps after work to help you recharge your energy.

Visit a doctor. Do some checkups. get some blood tests just to make sure everything is in order. You can also consider DEXA Scan .It will give you exact information about your body fat percentage, amount of muscle, bone density, and other valuable body composition parameters.

These will help you determine where you are at and what actions you can take that will fit you to obtain a healthy,yet balanced and good-looking body.

Wind Up

It really isn’t difficult. Drinking water, having a smart breakfast,reading labels when at grocery shopping, and taking a 30-minute afternoon nap is not exactly painful to do.

So go ahead and try these tips one at a time until you can get all of it in your daily routine.

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Long-Term Vaping Safer Than Smoking

By Kayla / January 2, 2019

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers came into play as a better alternative to traditional smoking. Chances are you are in need of an alternative but you first need to understand some of the advantages of switching to smokeless tobacco use. Well, this article is going to enhance your beginning of a new decision in your life by elucidating how you stand to benefit by making that move.

Start Saving More

You may not have known about this but electronic cigarettes give a less costly alternative to using tobacco cigarettes. Depending on where you live, the cost of a pack of cigarette can range between $7 and $19. A single electronic cigarette cartridge can cost approximately $2. What?s more is that the e-sigarett cartridge is equal to almost a whole pack of traditional cigarettes. This means that you can save between $4 and $9 on every pack of cigarettes. And when you invest in e-liquid devices, you can save more by re-filling the cartridges on your own.

Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

One of the recently released study reports by health experts has endorsed vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. This was a long-term study to establish the effect of vaping on ex-smokers. While some e-cigarettes contain nicotine, it is doesn?t have all the harmful substances like carbon monoxide and tar that are produced through tobacco smoking. 

This study involved 181 smokers and has been termed as a landmark for pioneering research on the long-term vaping effects in the real world. This is quite different from the previous studies that mainly used animal models in pre-clinical tests to determine the long-term effects of e-sigarett. The results of the study found considerably lower levels of carcinogens and toxic chemicals in samples of former smokers who?d been e-cigarettes users in comparison to current smokers.

Another result worth noting is with regard to current smokers that are attempting to reduce their health risks by constantly switching between normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes. This group could only be saving on cash, but not doing much for their health. It was established that combination users had very high carcinogens and toxins levels in their samples. Apart from most of the other revelations that came out during this study, it also points to the fact that e-cigarettes can lessen the harm to smokers by cutting down on their exposure to toxic chemicals. This exposure can reduce to zero levels especially when one uses e-liquid flavors with 0mgs of nicotine.?

Smoking tobacco cigarettes make you feel obligated to consume the whole cigarette. E-cigarette, on the other hand, allows you to take some puffs and put it away to use some other time. This helps most people to smoke less. In fact, e-cigarettes have facilitated a preponderance of people to completely quit. This is because of the various nicotine strengths that are available in e-liquids.

The strength of nicotine in each e-liquid will range from 0mgs to 36mgs depending on what you prefer. Some people have preferred to buy e-liquids with no nicotine as a way of helping themselves quit. Surprisingly enough, it has worked for a majority of those who were committed to the cause.

Cleaner Breathing Environment

No Unpleasant Odors

It goes without saying that smoke from tobacco can be quite unpleasant, sometimes even to the smoker. The worst thing, however, is that this nauseating odor will linger on your hands, clothes, hair and in the breath. You can use the electronic cigarette in your house or car without anyone having to complain about the odor. When you use the e-cigarette, you basically breathe vapor.

Without extreme hot ends, it completely minimizes the possibilities of burn. And you will be sure to avoid all the burns sustained by furniture, your car interior, clothes, and carpets. The e-cigarettes are not lit and therefore there are no chances they can burn anything up. You can simply place your electronic cigarette in the pocket when you are done smoking.

Avoid Ashtrays and Lighters

Have you been spending on a book of matches or lighters to light your cigarettes? Well, you do not need any of that when using the e-sigarett. In fact, you do not need to remember bringing one with you everywhere you go. There being no ashes or cigarette butts when using electronic cigarettes; you can do away with all the ashtrays dotting your house or car.

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Uh Oh! Do I Have an STD?

By Kayla / November 20, 2018

There is nothing much more embarrassing in life than having to go see your doctor because you think you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease (STD). And if it isn?t embarrassing to you, then it must occur way too often in your life and you should probably be taking better precautions than what you are currently doing.

Ways You May Get an STD

You always hear the story of someone telling their partner that if you have sex in a certain way that it is impossible to get pregnant. Usually this story concludes with ?And this is how little Timmy was born?. Unfortunately, there are people out there that believe STDs cannot be passed along if they have only had certain types of sex. But STDs can be acquired through saliva, penis, vagina, mouth, rectum, and blood. You can even get certain STDs in your eyes simply by rubbing them after having sex with someone that was infected. A great night could immediately turn into a bad one a few weeks later when something just doesn?t feel right and a trip is needed to the doctor.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are a little different than STDs. Having an STI means that an individual has an infection, but that it has not yet developed into a disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 20?million new cases every year in the United States alone. Surprisingly, many people do not even realize that they have an STI as they are displaying no symptoms quite yet. If you believe you might have acquired something recently that you do not want to stick around, STI testing in Montreal is the best way to know if you are one of the unlucky millions worldwide that is having a bad year.

Symptoms to Be Aware of

If you know what to look for, then you can determine if you have an STD pretty quickly. Of course, there is the usual burning during urinating that accompanies many common STDs. There could also be a great deal of itching associated with it. If you are about to have sex with someone that seems to have warts or blisters, you might want to go ahead and call it a night instead. Use common sense when choosing who to have sex with. If you know that the person you are seeing has gotten around a bit, you might want to suggest getting tested before it becomes physical.

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Health Supplements ? Do you Need them or not?

By Kayla / October 22, 2018

Since time immemorial, the only source of diet in our lives was food that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses either raw or cooked. But since we are living in this new era of modern life that is 21st century we daily experience new inventions and innovations henceforth we can consider health supplements as another form of invention. Now let me first tell you what exactly health supplements mean. So health supplements provide nutrients to our body which our body generally lack. These are taken by individuals orally as pills, capsules, tablets, powders or as liquids. They were made to be taken in diet to provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, etc., to our body. Generally, people who are gym freaks or the ones who are too much conscious about their fitness have these health supplements without realising its long term ill-effects. People out of excitement or those people who always want things early in their lives without working hard for it usually rely on these supplements. In fact, they are the target customers of these health supplement manufacturing companies.

Now the big question comes DO WE NEED SUPPLEMENTS? ?And according to me the answer will be a big NO. We do not need any kind of artificial products in our diet to fulfil the needs of our body, instead we should depend more on good quality natural food which includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, to have a protein rich diet we can go for cheese, fishes, chicken, etc. Health supplements have more risks and side effects for our body hitched to them than benefits. These supplements work the same way as drugs, they make us addicted to them so much that we can literally die because of its cravings. These supplements are just making us hollow and empty from inside merely giving you some outer flesh that with time will also be of no use. There are literally thousands of side effects and risks to these supplements hence it is important for us to talk about some of them here too-

  • It makes you feel full every time even though you had not eaten anything the whole day except the supplements that is it curb your cravings for food.
  • It increases heart rate and we all know if heart starts dysfunction, then hardly any time is left for the body to collapse.
  • High blood pressure is another problem hooked with health supplements.
  • Kidney problems are reported every now and then.
  • And because of inadequate quality control and proper inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides are sold to the consumers which possess a major threat to the lives of people.

Generally, people take supplements to build a good physique or to lose or gain weight and to boost up their stamina but they are hardly aware that they are dealing with a devil. And lastly I would say that these supplements are against nature and anything that is against nature is harmful to the human race in one way or the other. And if someone says that these supplements can help you overcome any disease or problems just tell them to consult a good doctor both for their physical and mental health.

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Home Remedies to Decrease the Cholesterol Levels in your Body

By Kayla / October 8, 2018

Obesity and high levels of Cholesterol are one of the leading reasons of death and disease in the world. High Cholesterol levels in your body are life-threatening, not immediately but surely. American Medical Association has estimated that about 1/3 adults in the world need to limit the levels of Cholesterol intake and need to lower the overall Cholesterol in their bodies. It might seem like a good option to go for medications and fat reduction clinics, but these artificial ways always have side effects to what they do unnaturally to your body. The best way to reduce cholesterol in your body is naturally. We have made a list of ways to help you know about home remedies to decrease cholesterol in your bodies.

1. Increase Magnesium Intake

Magnesium acts as a natural statin and helps reduce the levels of cholesterol production to an extent where no natural body processes are hindered. There are many sources of magnesium like kelp, almonds, molasses, brewer?s yeast and many wild plants like burdock root, dandelion, and chickweed. Although magnesium has many sources, it may still be difficult to get enough magnesium due to small amounts of it present in food. Applying magnesium oil can be a solution to fulfill the daily requirement of magnesium.

2. Garlic

An ingredient that is abundantly used in Indian Cuisine, garlic is best known for its health-enhancing properties. Consuming ? to 1 full garlic each date could reduce your Cholesterol levels by a whopping 9%. Many studies have found garlic to reduce the total and LDL significantly and besides having a positive effect of cholesterol, garlic is really beneficial for your body in other aspects like lowered blood pressure.

3. Coriander Seeds

Having been used since the ancient times in the Ayurveda, coriander has always been known to cure numerous ailments of the human body. Amongst the other ailments cured by Coriander, one is cholesterol. Coriander seeds have always been a well-known ancient ingredient which helps in reducing Cholesterol, they are used in Indian Households in numerous things. Also, in addition to curing the cholesterol problems, coriander seeds have numerous other health benefits like providing Vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin A and beta-carotene.

4. Green Tea

In recent years there has been an explosive rise in the consumption of green tea. It is not merely any popular trend, green tea really does have benefits when it comes to reducing cholesterol. Numerous studies have shown that the polyphenols present in green tea prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the Intestine and sometimes even help in getting rid of them. 2-3 cups of green tea daily is sufficient for a healthy routine.

5. Amla

In addition to being one of the richest source of Vitamin C as well as phenols, Amla also has properties that help in the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body. Amla has been used since the ancient Vedic times to cure numerous diseases and health hazards. The ancient Rasayana always contain Amla as one of the main ingredients. Daily intake of Amla not only reduces Cholesterol but also reduces the damage due to oxidation.

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Ways in which Hormones Affect your Body

By Kayla / October 1, 2018

Our body goes through a lot of changes as we grow up but there are different reasons as to why our body changes the way it does and we might jump onto wrong conclusions as we analyse that reason. Many people blame their eating habits when they gain weight or lose weight but there are so many reasons as to why this might be happening. One of the reasons that some important changes in our body take place is due to hormones. Hormones play a really important role and we may not notice that fact.

Different ways through which hormones affect our body:

  • Changes in your eating habit: your mother might notice that you are eating more than you use to and might think that it is because you are at your growing stage but it might be due to the hormones that you?re changing the eating habits. Some days you might eat a giant cake and some days you can?t even bear the sight of chocolate, which is normal as due to fluctuations in the hormones your interest towards a particular food may keep changing. People should keep this fact in mind as sometimes they might get tricked and do something extreme so that they can increase or decrease their weight.
  • Promotes love and trust: oxytocin is one hormone that is released when a mother pushes a baby during childbirth. This hormone develops a feeling of love and trust among the mother due to which the mother has immediate affection towards that baby. This hormone also builds a bond between two adults. Some studies have also shown that cuddling with a person increases your trust towards them.
  • Growth hormone: this hormone may suggest that it only helps the human body in the growth procedure but that?s not true. There are many advantages of this hormone. It is useful for maintain your sugar level and helps to metabolize proteins and fats. This particular hormone is also beneficial for you as it stimulates your immune system and maintains your kidney and heart?s health. These many functions are performed by this hormone.
  • Emotional changes: many women face this issue where the hormone makes them feel glum or sad. Sometimes birth control pills are the reason why women are sad and depressed. Mood swings are sometimes triggered by these hormones like progesterone. Women feel depressed and unhappy when they take their birth control pills is due to the changes in their hormones and it is frustrating and cannot be helped with.

These are some changes that are brought by hormones and you must keep in mind that hormones can be the reason why such extreme changes in your bodies take place.

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