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Raid Your Kitchen Cabinets for Beauty Products

By Kennedi Rose / October 1, 2012

Want to save money? Raid your kitchen cabinets for natural beauty products! Don’t get me wrong; I love buying brand-name products as much as the next gal. But with a tight budget, I sometimes “save up” for that YSL moisturizer or Clinique foundation by spending a few weeks applying a homemade, natural mask to my […]


How to Dye Ombre Hair Yourself

By Kennedi Rose / August 27, 2012

So I found this “recipe” explaining how to dye ombre hair yourself. I haven’t tried the recipe myself, so I can’t vouch for it. Check it out, and let me know if you think this will lead to salon-quality ombre hair highlights! You Need: * Hair dye (whatever color you like) * Lightweight plastic gloves […]


15 Tips for Aging Gracefully

By Kennedi Rose / July 24, 2012

Women like me, who are ?seeing signs of age? (whatever that means!), are often worried about aging gracefully. We don?t mind looking our own age ? and we?ll accept it if you tell us we look younger! ? but we certainly don?t want to look older than our years. At the same time, we don?t […]


8 Cheap Beauty Tricks

By Kennedi Rose / June 25, 2012

Interested in learning some cheap beauty tricks? Want some homemade hair and skin recipes? Here you go! #1: Use olive oil to remove eye makeup. Wearing waterproof mascara? Switch to sesame oil. #2: Got leftover olive oil? Use it to soak your fingernails and cuticles. #3: Mix one teaspoon of honey into one quart of […]


Best Haircuts for Your Face

By Kennedi Rose / March 30, 2012

Finding the best haircut for your face shape can be difficult. You need to consider how your face looks, the length of hair you want, and the type of hair you have. Face shapes include round, oblong, oval, squared, heart. #1: Evaluate your face shape. This dictates what haircut will look best on you. If […]


How to Save Money on Hair Products

By Kennedi Rose / February 10, 2012

There are many ways to save money on hair products that do not leave your hair looking like a hay-stack. You’ll need to look around for the best bargains. Here are 12 ways you can save money on hair products: #1: Check out the website of specific brand names, they may offer deals on older […]


Save Money By Dyeing Your Own Hair

By Kennedi Rose / February 1, 2012

Want to create beauty on a budget? Forget shelling out hundreds of dollars at a salon. You can dye your own hair for less than $20. “Um, but if I dye my own hair, it will look awful,” women usually say. Okay, fine. Fair enough. Here are 8 tips that you should consider if you’re […]


Great Posts from Women Around the Web …

By Kennedi Rose / January 11, 2012

Today I want to share some great posts from women around the web! Some of these women write blogs about beauty, some write about beauty on a budget, and some write about good old-fashioned budgeting in general. The MakeUp Divas tell us about the 11 Hair Products You Actually Need. Frugal Beautiful reminds us that […]


5 Tips for Holiday Beauty Savings

By Kennedi Rose / December 21, 2011

Want to find holiday beauty savings? Here are 5 tips: #5: Schedule appointments After Christmas. Many women rush to schedule hair appointments, facials and even tanning bed appointments (not that you should EVER tan!) before Christmas. They want to have the “look” in time for the office holiday party. If you wait until after Christmas, […]


Expensive Hair Myths — Don’t Waste Your Money!

By Kennedi Rose / December 7, 2011

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on the most expensive hair care products. Here are two things you shouldn’t bother spending too much on — and two things you should splurge on: Save on This …. #1: Expensive Salon Shampoos You know those high-end hair care brands that are only sold in salons? The industry wants […]

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