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How to Curb the Urge to Eat Junk Food?

By Kayla / May 2, 2017

All those hours in the gym, sweating it out, will go down the drain if there is not focus on the diet. The right balance of workout and diet will give the desired results. Everybody knows that the tasty and mouth watering? junk food is high in calorie content. It’s health risks are not unknown. But at the same time it is also extremely tempting and difficult to ignore!

Read on to resolve the dilemma of whether to eat or avoid that piece of junk food.

One question that comes in the mind is that why is junk food so tempting in the first place? Why are we unable to stop ourselves even after knowing that it is not healthy?

Well, it does have a scientific reasoning behind it.

There are two main reasons behind it.

Junk foods are manufactured in such a way so as to excite the brain. The perfect blend of fat, salt, sugar, carbohydrates and protein tricks our brain into eating it. The food is designed, manufactured and marketed in such a way that ignoring it becomes almost impossible. It’s texture also matters a lot. Junk foods are the perfect blend of crunchiness and softness, like the crunchy chocolate biscuit of Oreo and the smooth cream inside! Our mind gets too many sensations at the same time, it doesn’t get bored easily, hence we crave for it.

Not only do we crave for junk food but also overeat it at most of the times. This is because as soon as we take a bite, it melts away in our mouth. Our mind gets the signal that we are eating less although the amount of calories going in are more than the estimation of our brain. It’s just that the stomach does not get the feeling of being full. Hence we tend to overeat those packets of chips or fries.

Now that you the reason behind liking and overeating junk food, let’s move over to the solutions.

Drink more water

Drink more water. It is good for the metabolism of the body. Also whenever you are hungry and crave for junk food, drive water as it keeps the stomach full.

Sleep more

Sleeping as an bodily function is as important as the beating of heart. Body repairs itself while sleeping. Moreover a recent study showed that inadequate sleep led to more cravings for unhealthy snacks. So start hitting the bed early and remember to eat at least two hours before sleeping because a full stomach may hinder in falling asleep.

Plan meals

If your meals are already planned then their will be no scope for trying out a new pizza place down the street! Decide what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner the previous day itself.

Have healthy options

Instead of stocking on those packets of chips and candies, keep your shelves stocked with alternative healthy yet tasty snack options for those midnight cravings. Try out different delicacies from around the world (which are healthy!) Put a habit of eating fruits. They are rich in natural sugars and tasty too. Eat healthy fats like omega 3 found in nuts.

Add proteins to your diet

Proteins are body building foods. They also keep the stomach fuller for longer periods of time. So pangs of hunger are kept at bay. Unnecessary consumption of junk food is controlled? hence.

Have patience

Lastly, don’t go too hard on yourself?. Change your habits gradually. Give time. Treat yourself occasionally!

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Healthy Food to Eat this Summer

By Kayla / April 18, 2017

Those luscious ice creams may look tempting in this scorching weather and like every other year your diet plans will go down the drain- but not this time. Because there are a plenty tasty yet healthy options that can keep you cool and fit at the same time. Check them out!


There is nothing better than a watermelon to quench your thirst in this burninging heat. The high water content of water melon helps in maintaining the fluid levels and electrolyte balance of the body. Each refreshing bite is nutrient rich, containing ?vitamins A, B6 and C and lycopene which is good for heart health. Eat the rind too. Keep yourself hydrated with this juicy fruit.

Coconut water

Not to be confused with coconut milk whose one cup contains 556 calories as compared to just 46 calories that a cup of coconut water contains! Trapped inside a coconut, this clear liquid is clearly magical. It is packed with five essential electrolytes that the human body requires: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium. It has wide range of health benefits from aiding in weight loss to being the ultimate hangover remedy. It reduces blood pressure and boosts hydration and facilitates digestion. Also its rich nutrients can you the picture perfect skin that you always imagined! Fun fact: Coconut water is compatible with human blood, which means, in extreme emergencies it can be used to rehydrate the body by administering it intravenously. Enjoy it straight from a coconut or mix it up with any other juice and since it is low in calorie you can enjoy as much as you like!


Cucumber-the perfect summer salad. This crunchy vegetable keeps you hydrated and flushes out the toxins. It also helps in weight loss. Its high fiber content keeps constipation at bay. It can also be used externally for removing dark circles around those eyes and for facials to get a refreshing look. Eat this anytime to beat the heat and keep yourself cool inside out, cool as a cucumber!


This bacteria packed dairy delight is best in any weather but especially in summers. A big glass of chilled buttermilk is an instant remedy for dehydration. Or put in your fruit salads and enjoy the goodness of curd. It is good for indigestion because of the lactobacillus bacteria it contains. Eat it after every meal to have a good tummy health!


This sweet and delicious seasonal fruit is the best dessert to have after every meal in this weather. It has a high sugar content, therefore it is not advised for people trying to lose weight but moderate quantities like 2-3 mangoes a day does no harm. Eat it after dinner or have it as mango shake for breakfast.

Avoid these!

Whatever you may eat but look out to avoid eating these in the summers.

Spicy junk food

Fried delicacies

Dairy products (excluding curd!)


All these tend to aggravate the stomach and heat up the body. They may also lead uneasy and nauseating conditions. They are best avoided. Though a glass of lime soda may help in this situation!

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Choose a Caribbean Vibe for a Chilled Out Party

By Shilpa / April 14, 2017

When you?re planning a party your primary concern is usually that your guests enjoy what you?re putting on for them – from great entertainment to tasty food and free-flowing drinks. If it?s a summer party on the cards then a Caribbean theme can be a great way to get people in the mood – and it?s an easy theme to follow.

A relaxed dress-code is key, of course, to really recreate the feeling of being on a Barbadian beach – some warm weather wouldn?t hurt either, but that?s harder to count on!

Caribbean food is also likely to be a real crowd pleaser and it?s easy to serve to a large number of people too. Combine your party with a BBQ if the weather is looking promising, or if it needs to be indoors then cater your event with jerk chicken, rice and peas, ice cream and plenty of tropical fruit salad.

Lots of cocktails associated with the Caribbean like Pina Coladas and Mojitos are easy to make on a large scale, so if you?re not hiring in bartenders you could always have large quantities of a couple of cocktails made up ahead of time. It wouldn?t be Caribbean without a splash of rum, so make sure you?ve got a big bowl of rum punch on hand – and some tasty fruit juices and mocktails for those who aren?t drinking.

Hiring a Caribbean music act will really finish off your evening; consider booking a reggae artist like Sizzla who will help to add an extra level of authenticity to proceedings. Not only is reggae relaxing, but it?s also a genre that reminds people inevitably of summer, helping to make your event really memorable.

Whether it?s a work party that you?re planning or a big birthday for one of your loved ones, a Caribbean theme could be a great way to get people feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves. If you?re interested in hiring Sizzla to perform, contact his booking agents at MN2S to find out more.

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Nourish Your Body With Proper Everything- Sleep, Food, Exercise and Meditation

The guiding principle to a peaceful life, in this fast-moving world is the proper interrelation of your body and your mind, with the environment. Deadlines and workload leave you exhausted and stressed, both mentally and physically. The answer lies in a proper routine, wherein you are getting your nutrients, a good night?s sleep, a proper workout and some time to rest and quiet your mind.

Breathing is the most important activity of our body. You don?t need a 100$ spa treatment to calm your mind and body, a 10 minute breathing exercise can help you de-stress. ?There are a variety of breathing techniques which will help you restore balance to your body and soul. When you are silent, through the breaths you leave, your mind frees you of disturbing thoughts, old fears, and the fresh breaths you take in heal your soul. Meditation keeps you aware and sharp, also increasing the blood flow, reducing muscle tension, and increases serotin levels which improves mood and behavior. You?ll be surprised by the ideas you get during meditation. In fact, most people find this ? along with taking a shower ? to be their most creative times of the day.

Next to breathing, the second most vital function is to eat and drink. Have a proper diet that includes the major macronutrients and a combination of the major food groups. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast in the morning around 7-8 AM, including a glass of milk. You can start your day with a glass of water (that is right after you wake up). It fires your metabolism, keeps you hydrated for the rest of the day, and flushes out toxins from your body. Avoid excess caffeine in stressful situations, making things worse with processed foods and alcohol.

Early to bed, early to rise.?Well, not much to argue here.?Restful sleep (at least 7 hours of healthy sleep) keeps you fresh for the whole day. When you haven?t slept properly the previous night, you tend to have problems trying to concentrate on your work- your mind is tired and your face looks unenthusiastic. If you can?t commit to consistent sleep pattern, you disrupt your body?s natural balance with nature, leading to the weakening your immune system, irregular weight gain or weight gain, and maybe depression.

While we are spending hours wearing stiff clothes, and sitting behind uncomfortable desks, our bodies are developing chronic back pain, and increasing the cholesterol levels. Our body needs movement. Find an aerobic activity, or maybe go for a simple walk. Regular physical activity keeps your body flexible, and increases stamina, making it easier for you to adapt to tough conditions. Exercise can reverse the detrimental effects of stress and lift depression.

Other than these 4 basic things, make sure you keep a good company. People who encourage you to take challenges, those who push you out of your comfort zone are the ones whom you need in your life. Your friends should be the ones who support in tough times, and have a laugh along with you in your good times. Cultivate loving relationships. If both work and your loved ones stress you out, you are not on the right road. Also make sure you don?t hold on to your feelings. Let it out, or else it will build up in a poison ruining your health completely.

Stay fit! Stay happy!

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