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Tips to Pick the Right Hairstyle as per your Jawline

By Kennedi Rose / February 25, 2019

A suitable kind of a hairstyle can add quite an edge to your overall look.? Now since everybody?s face type is different, not all kinds of hairstyles unit every one. After long researches it has been proved that only a certain kind of a hairstyle depending on the face type of a person can give […]


4 Fashion Bargains You Didn’t Know You Could Get Online

By Kennedi Rose / January 29, 2018

Shopping online has become a go to trend for the past few years and each year there are more and more things you can buy online. The standards like engagement rings and jewelry have been online for quite a while, but here are four fashion bargains you may not know have moved to online. 1.????? […]


Millenial Fashion Choices in the 2010s

By Kennedi Rose / April 21, 2017

Fashion is a fast-moving field, and difficult to predict. While designers would hope trends propagate from their inspiration, to catwalks and out into the high street, in reality, the next big thing could come from anywhere, with the mainstream seizing on ideas not just from fashion shows but also any subculture, tv show or movement […]


Keep your Body and Mind Alive, Breakup with Stress

By Kennedi Rose / March 21, 2017

  Who was the first one to set a foot on the Moon?s surface? Neil Armstrong. Do you know who set his foot second? Or the third? No. In a world that remembers only winners, the one who comes first, there is certain amount of pressure to be the best. While we are taught to […]


Maxi Skirts: Breezy Boho Fashion

By Kennedi Rose / November 8, 2016

I live in Sarojini Nagar (it is the Paris Fashion Street of India), the most important destination for every girl who is out on a hunt for trendy clothes at killer prices. So, as I stroll from one shop to another, I notice that the latest trending stuff in the shoppers? paradise, are the Maxi […]


5 Timeless Sunglasses Styles

By Kennedi Rose / November 12, 2015

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory on a sunny day. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays, but they also help you to look good when you go outdoors. But with so many different styles of sunglasses to choose from, it can be a tough job picking a style that suits your […]